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Tim Horton's Doughnuts

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Hi -- recently came from a trip to Nova Scotia where I learned of Tim Horton's. Fantastic -- and I usually hate doughnuts. I especially loved the chocolate covered Timbit filled with chocolate cream.

Discovering Tim Horton's was both a blessing and a curse. I've got the cravings, but I have no idea where to get them. I live in New York City, and it seems that Tim's is more of a Canadian thing.

Does anybody know if there's a location in New York, or if they will Fed-Ex a package of doughnuts to the Big Apple?

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  1. Sorry, they are renowned across Canada, but I believe they are a Canada-only chain.

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      Not true. This may be a relatively recent expansion, but there are several Tim Horton's in Portland, Maine, with new ones still going up. We're close to Canada, it's true.

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        If you want to make a road trip there are Tim Horton's in Buffalo. Sounds like they have a few locations around the US in border towns.

        Joe Moryl

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            The next time I am in Loudonville I will drive to Mt.Vernon to try Tim Horton's again.

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          There a lot of Tim Horton's in and around Detroit and they are quite popular. I recently moved to Florida from that area and one of the things i really miss is a steaming cup of their flavored cappucino on a cold winter morning. The soup therre is pretty good as well.

        2. i can't believe i just read the word "timbits". that word reverberated throughout the depths of my psyche and then bubbled back to the surface. how could something such an integral part of my childhood have been buried in my subconscious for so long?

          when you got a box of timbits, usually for a school party or a girl guide event, they would come in this box that had a timbit creature on it; he looked like a mouse, with a round timbit body and two timbits for ears. he heralded fun and good times.

          the timbits themselves, however, were generally horrid. stale, but we ate them anyway.

          1. Their website claims there are *100* branches in the US. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no listing of them to be found there, except for 2 or 3 recent ones in a news release. The US subsidiary is called "THD", but alas there are too many OTHER things in this world called "THD" for that to be useful in any web searches.

            Perhaps their franchising department could tell you some locations: 888-376-4835.

            Hey, for a good laugh, have a look at "About TH..." >> "Biogaphies". The contrast between the photos of the frat-boy-founder and the (current) execs is PRICELESS !!

            Link: http://www.timhortons.com

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              The website, under US franchising says:

              As of January 2001, there are 120 Tim Hortons locations in the United States. These are situated in the greater Detroit area, Bay City, Midland, Saginaw and Flint (Michigan); Columbus and Toledo (Ohio); Buffalo and Jamestown (New York); and Portland, Lewiston and Auburn (Maine). Future expansion and opportunities will continue in these markets as well as Rochester (New York).

              [more legal stuff]

              Certain states regulate the offer and sale of franchises. We have not applied for registration (or exemption from registration) under the laws of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, or Washington. If you are a resident of one of these states, we will not offer a franchise to you at this time.

            2. Go to the website... www.timhortons.com
              They have locations in NY state.

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                Larry Marshall

                Does anyone else have the same frustration I have when ordering coffee at the Drive Through? I usually order two mediums with double cream, one sugar. What I get about 25% of the time is different from what I ordered. I know they're busy; but this is the way I like my coffee. Where do I e mail my feedback?

                1. Look ... Horton's is about more than doughnuts. It's another uniquely Canadian institution that has been hijacked by American corporate interests. Also, Tim Horton, for those that are too young or too ignorant, was a hockey player. For many Canadians his name is more closely associated with hockey rather than those appalling suburban drive through doughnut shops. So, please emonstrate a bit of reverence when discussing Tim Horton.

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                    They have quite a few stores located in Buffalo, New York....best doughnuts I ever ate!!!!!!!

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                      We just got back from a week in Toronto. Instead of paying ripoff prices for breakfast in the hotel (Inn on the Park) restaurant, we had almost every breakfast at Tim Horton's down the street on Eglinton Avenue...what a find! I told my wife I want to open one here on Long Island! Not only are the donuts and coffee excellent, we actually had dinner there one night and I had the homemade chili in a bread bowl...it was fabulous!

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                        Hi. This link to an article that appeared in the NY Times, while you were away, may interest you.

                        Finding food, let alone good stuff, in that part of town is difficult. If you ever do go back to the Inn on the Park I recommend that you head west along Eglinton. There are some good places with good food in all price ranges south of Eglinton on both Bayview & Mount Pleasant. Yonge Street also offers very good food both south and north of Eglinton.

                        Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/28/bus...

                      1. For those that may be interested, the very first Tim Hortons in Hamilton ON is still there and open for business. Parking is a bit of a nuisance though


                        1. There is also a handy iphone app called TimmyMe that can be used to find your closest Tim Hortons. Unfortunately, there are none in my area -- it's a long run from NH to CT for a maple dip and a coffee.

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                            Hey jbh11, I know it has been awhile since you posted, but there are plenty in RI and MA--they are just not listed on the Tim Hortons website for some reason. I know NH is far away from these locations, but I know of at least 2 in Fall River, Swansea, etc. I live in RI so I don't go much further east than that--too many bridges! Haha!

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                              Are those still open? I know the CT ones were closed back in December. Unfortunately, they were along usual routes we took to the NYC area or Philly. Not sure if the MA & RI ones were caught up in the same closure wave.

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                                Dont get you hopes up about RI and CT Tim Hortons, they are gone. To steal a line from Charlie Brown "Good Grief" they were THE worst doughnuts I have ever had.

                          2. Holler. I live in CT and there are several around my Hartford area location.
                            Also, a few weeks ago they did a story on TH on CBS Sunday morning where (in jest) they polled NYers on the street asking if they knew what (or who) Tim Hortons was and no one knew. It was pretty funny.
                            Here's the story and I see a video out there (but I can't get to youtube from work to post that link):

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                            1. Jay, why do you like these so much more than other donuts? Just curious.

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                                Please bear in mind Jay posted that nearly nine years ago.

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                                  And when you click on his name, no posts come up, which means that he hasn't been around in quite some time

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                                    Before Wendy's took over TH, most doughnuts were made on site. The beancounters at Wendy's decided to centralize the baking, and the quality has gone down considerably. Their apple fritters used to be fantastic; now they're a shadow of their former greatness.

                                    However, their expansion into sandwiches and soup has been good. When my daughter's soccer team goes on road trips, Tim's is by far the preferred lunch spot, over McD's, BK, etc. Relatively healthy, not too expensive, and seems to contribute to their success.

                                  2. I live in Southern California and have never had Tim Horton's, nor does it sound like I will any time soon.

                                    however, "chocolate covered Timbit filled with chocolate cream" sounds divine

                                    1. I wish they would bring back the Beverly Hills doughnut... I don't even really remember it, except I know that none of the doughnuts they've had in the last ten years have compared...

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                                          Much changes in 11 years I guess......

                                        2. I dunno about TH in Canada but in NYC, they taste pretty much like DD. Gummy, super sugary and equally horrible.

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                                            Yep, that's about it here in Canada.

                                            1. re: Atahualpa

                                              Another crappy frozen doughnut, not worthy of any accolades.

                                          2. TH stores are ubiquitous all over Rhode Island...A war between them and DD is always going on... (Both forgettable).

                                            Starbucks.... yeah!!!

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                                              Hi menton--
                                              Actually TH closed all of their stores in and around RI--none for miles--closest one is somewhere around NYC. I would drive there for a breakfast biscuit--yum! and one of their hashbrowns--mmmmmm. Of course, you can always catch them on a bad day and get a dried up hashbrown, but most of the time they are the best--much better than DD--especially their coffee--MUCH better than DD

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                                                  I guess we know who won that war........

                                                  1. re: fourunder

                                                    there never was a war, Dunkin DOnuts OWNS New England. Krispy Kreme failed, TIm Hortons failed, and so will any other that try to move in on an oversaturated market. DD, Starbucks, and a few independents is all there is room for. (with an occasional Honey Dew mixed in - but are they the next to go?)

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                                                      there never was a war...

                                                      Sorry, not meant for you , but the other guy above your post. who stated there always is a war going on between DD and TH.....just more incorrect information on the internet.

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                                                        You can't mention DD and Starbucks in the same breath... they are apples & oranges, and a different customer.

                                                        I also wonder how DD gets the rep that they are cheaper than Starbucks.. NOT!!! They are priced just about the same, sometimes HIGHER than SBs. And those AWFUL styrofoam cups,,,bright lighting.. and, since they are a franchise, the coffee is very inconsistent at DD from one location to the other.

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                                                          Well, DD is an RI company and people like local (at least that is what they say, but there sure are a lot of RI's that shop at Walmart as opposed to local stores), so unfortunately, we are stuck with bad coffee and worse food.

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                                                            Alot of it has to do with convenience, there are literally 4 DD within 5 miles of my house. You cant go anywhere without passing one.

                                                          2. re: menton1

                                                            I could have sworn both Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks served coffee, pastries, and other fast service items, maybe im mistaken? I know many people who visit both DD and SB on a regular basis, usually depending on location, so I beg to differ that they are a different customer or all that different when it comes down to it.

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                                                              I frequent Starbucks, and NEVER go to DD. And I know many folks like me, as well as folks that go to DD and never go to SBs. It's more than coffee and snacks, it's a completely different experience. (And a DIFFERENT customer!)

                                                              1. re: menton1

                                                                for someone who "NEVER" goes to DD, you seem to know alot about the "styrofoam cups, prices, bright lighting, and inconsistencies from one location to the other." While it may be a different experience, it is basically the same product, and a big overlap in customer base.

                                                  2. I can't speak to the doughnuts ( which I realize is the point of the posting) but I had the coffee for the 1st time in Ottawa 8 years ago and I was hooked!!!! Sorry to hear about the CT closings. There was one in NYC, but it was gross.