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Aug 21, 2000 02:44 PM

good eating, fast, in toronto

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i'll be in toronto for the film festival on september 9 for a week. i've been before(i live in chicago), and while there is very little time between films to indulge in any leisurely eating, i'd love to know about cheap places in the (expensive) Yorkville area, which is where the fest is held. I've had some really dreadful but cheap,fast and filling noodles. anything else out there????

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  1. It's been a few years since I've been to Toronto. Used to stay at the Intercontinental, and my favorite pho place (yes, better than any I'd had in San Francisco) was a few doors down. Would love to know if it's still there. The same restaurant had a couple branches in Chinatown too.

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      I think you mean Pho Hung, and yes, that's the more upscale version as there's two more in the Spadina Chinatown, as far as I know it's still there - but more importantly, it's right next to Greg's Ice Cream!

      1. re: Nigel

        It was definitely a great 1, 2 punch to have them next to each other.

        I'd been to the Chinatown one on earlier visits and didn't notice the one on Bloor until several trips later. Duh!

        1. re: Melanie Wong
          Gabriel Solis

          Going to be in Toronto in a couple of weeks, would love to eat really good Pho. Could anyone spell out a little more concretely where this restaurant is?



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            The address for the "upscale" Pho Hung is 200 Bloor St. W, near Avenue Rd. It's upstairs. My recollection from 4 years ago is that the prices were the same as the Chinatown location but with a nicer room. The other restaurants I liked in that neighborhood were Borgo Antico and Movenpick for one-course meals. Actually, Borgo Antico would be a good choice for fine dining too.

            And, you can't beat dessert from Greg's ice cream

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Borgo Antico is no more! R.I.P.

              1. re: Alan Gardner

                Oh my! When did this happen? I have friends in Chicago who have made it a weekend destination many, many times.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Early this year - there was snow on the ground (uncleared) when I walked past the shuttered door. But I read last year that the chef/owner had returned to Italy 'permanently'. I recall his brother worked at another Toronto restaurant, but can't remember what it is.

    2. Had some great escargot and other tasty treats which were pretty reasonable at a Scandinavian place called "Movenpick" (imagine an umlaut over the o). I think it might be in the vicinity. Haven't been to Toronto in a while, though, last there about 5 yrs ago - those snails sure stand out in my memory though...

      Also - I'm SURE it's still there - it's practically a Toronto institution - "Fran's" for breakfast is a must. Really good breakfasts at reasonable prices - and I think there are at least 2 of them in Toronto...

      Good luck!

      1. One of my personal favourites for Italian is Gio's (often called the nose) on Youge st.
        However, try this link for some excellent reviews.


        1. If you are ever in the Dixie Rd. - 401 area of Toronto, absolutely the best Steak is at one of two places- Steak Master or Billy's which is just up the street from Steak Master. These places have lousy atmosphere but all the Truckers stop here for cheap steak dinners that are worth twice the price. A 12 ounce NY steak for only $9.99 with all the trimmings.
          Give it a try

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            "A 12 ounce NY steak for only $9.99 with all the trimmings."

            Wow, that's $6.60 American! It pays to cross over!

            How are those trimmings, though?