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Jul 25, 2000 12:42 PM

Need Bubble-Tea Recomendations

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What's the top of the pops for Bubble Tea in the Vancouver right now? It's our favorite attraction and we always go to Bubble-Zone.


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    Danielle Vallee

    The BEST bubble tea in Vancouver is at Bobble Zone, a really funky little place on Kingsway at Boundary in East Vancouver. The tea is fantastic, the atmosphere is great... arghhh!! LOVE the honey milk bubble tea with double pearls!

    Another very good spot (but with a so-so atmosphere -- better to take out) is Bubble World. There's a small chain of them -- on Granville near the airport (right after the first Starbucks you hit coming out of the airport), on Cambie, and I believe elsewhere.

    Mark my words, though, the tea doesn't get any better than at Bobble Zone! They're open from around 3pm to midnight. Have fun! Also - order the baked milk toast for a REAL treat!!