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Mar 21, 2002 01:57 AM

Just read Fast Food Nation...

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and am not sure if this topic belongs on this board or not. I was wondering if there were any markets or butchers around that sourced there own free range, organice beef, and ground it themselves. Better yet, any Halal or Kosher butchers in town ? Was also wondering if there are any organizations that pair up people who want to go in on paying for the raising of a calf and then having it butchered. Thanks !!!

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  1. SP Meats is a Portland distributor for Painted Hills Beef, produced by a rancher coop in Fossil with no feed additives. They can tell you if any local stores carry the product. More info at

    Oregon Country Beef is a similar coop, and I think both Nature's and New Seasons carry their products (and maybe the new Whole Foods). More info at

    I'm not a big beef eater, but I stopped buying burger from the big supermarket chains after I read Fast Food Nation. I like mine barbecued and rare, so I pay a little more for the ground beef from Oregon Country Beef and I don't worry about so much about contaminants.



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      John Ettinger

      I had exactly the same reaction -- my teenager already would not eat beef as a protest to overgrazing and after reading Fast Food Nation I won't eat beef except the local products Jim mentioned. The process is frightening and the industry practices are disgraceful. I read the book as background, to better understand a client's literary pr

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        Thank you for the great info. I have just finished reading Fast Food Nation and am totally disgusted at the ethics of the fast food and agricultural industry. I had no idea it was soooooooo bad. Every one should read that book it is a real eye opener.

      2. j
        Jason L Cheung

        Any Seattle resources ?

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          The links he includes cover all the NW. There's plenty of Seattle locations listed within the sites.

        2. There is a meat store in Tacoma that is certified 100% organic. It is called "The Meat Store" and is located out on Vickery. Their prices are a bit steep but they do sell in bulk and the quality is excellent. He raises his own cattle on organic land and feed. They have been around for quite a few years here and have a good reputation.

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