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Jun 14, 2000 12:35 PM

Vancouver - Help!

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Hi, my boyfriend and I are traveling to Vancouver (July 13 - 16) from Washington D.C. Have done a search to dredge up old Vancouver suggestions, but would love any new advice you have to offer!

Thanks, C.H.

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  1. Vancouver is a sparkling food city. One of the best Chinatown's you'll find anywhere -- definitely worth an afternoon. Lumiere is a good bet for top-table dining, the chef is a big Robuchon disciple. Oritalia is a hot newcomer, fusion-y, but works on the Pacific Rim. Tojo's is essentially the Nobu of Vancouver. If you cna snag a reservation on the deck overlooking the city/mountains/offshoure islands it's especially magical. Vij's serves adventurous Indian food that I'd rate with Tabla on some nights. The market -- forget the name, everyone will know it -- is astonishing. Fish so fresh some are flown right off to Tokyo for sushi, more salmon than you'd imagine, gorgeous halibut. Lot sof mushrooms, berries, just produce to knock your socks off. Best permanent market I've seen in N. America. Great nibbles, too -- Vietnamese goi cuon, fish and chips, fresh bread...etc. If you have a few free days, it's also worth making the trip out to Sooke Harbour House. On the back of Vancouver Island. Whole restaurant sits right on top of a cliff, pounding surf, neverending vistas. The chef gathers everything from gardns, dives for his own sea urchins and barnacles and seaweed. real one-of-a-kind experience. Another worti-it trip: Okanagan Valley, micro-climate, Napa-like, where wines and produce comes from.

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      Awesome, thanks Jim! We'll plan on hitting several of your suggestions!

      Anyone else know of any hidden treasures for the budget conscious traveler?

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        We'll be making our fourth trip this Friday and our favorites in town are Legendary Noodle for the amazing fresh noodle soups, Montri's Thai(now our favorite restaurant in town) comfortable, consistent, accomodating. Vij's was so stylish yet hospitable. The menu was a bit limited but the food was as good as Tabla without all of the fireworks and large bill. Also eat at Sophie's everyday for Breakfast it's our idea of the perfect breakfast(accomodating to any need, huge portions, good music, patio dining, great omelettes and coffee.

        We always go to Sun Sui Wah but are always screwed by being only two people and alwyas ordering the wrong thing off the huge menu with poor english descriptions. If anyone knows of a Chinese restaurant that has good authentic food yet you don't have to go with a family of 6 please let me know.

        I also heard the Pink Pearl has gotten alot better.