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Jun 4, 2000 05:04 PM

Fort Erie chipwagon

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The Fort Erie chipwagon (near the PO) has great ffs/chips (which you know if you live there). They're made with superior PEI potatoes. I had never seen a chipwagon till i visited Ft. Erie. It stands as one of the 10 most incredible experiences of my life.

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  1. Fort Erie may have good chips but if you want to really blow your noodle venture over the river to Buffalo home of the chicken wing. Now the world knows about the Anchor bar and how wings were invented, but go beyond the hype and hunt for dogs or baloney.
    The best dogs are at Ted's, they also have good fries. If you get a chance, try a fried baloney sandwich with dandelions. A great regional treat. Sorry I can not remember the names of the baloney place.

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      The Ancient One

      Being from Fort Erie and having lived there for 30 years I know the fry truck well . When I moved in 1996 I told my friends in St.Catharines that downtown Fort Erie closes when the Fry Truck leaves . When I took some friends home we went into William Matthews Bookstore at a quarter to four and the street was filled . When we came out it was empty . The fry truck and the bookstore are the best things about downtown .