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Jun 2, 2000 05:42 PM

Ottawa Byward Market:Restaurants-and Bistros.

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I'm going to be in Ottawa next week on research/vacation. I would like to know what new restaurants/bistros there are in the Byward Market area? I have been to Domus Cafe,I like the restaurant very much. It is one of Ottawa's (and Canada's) finest restaurants. I have been to Oregano's Pasta/Pizza Bar;it too is very good. Does The "Tea Party" still serve food,or only coffees? There is another Italian restaurant in the Byward Market,they serve wonderful pastas,veal dishes-I can't recall the name. There is a bagel shop/cafe-in the Byward Market,which has Montreal Bagels-they are wonderful. Oh,by the way,does anyone agree with me about how overated a food critic Joanne Kates is?! I call her Canada's Hedda Hopper!! Oh,yes,I think "Marche" could stand improvement. I also think that Kitchener's "20 King Street" is a great restaurant. Finally,I think that the "ROM's" Jamie Kennedy is a very fine chef,but sometimes too pretencious. Lastly,"Sebastions",London,Ontario-Why doesn't Toronto have a "Sebastions"?

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