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Apr 12, 2000 02:46 AM

Chez Piggy-Revised Kosher Menu-Passover,2,000.

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Dear Folks, We at Chez Piggy are proud to present our new Kosher Passover Menu!! Our sponsor is Lon Chaney,Jr. The first dish on our new and improved menu;Soup Of The Day:Kosher Blackbird Soup With Matza Balls,Garlic-And Tabasco-Flavored Schmaltz,and Horse-Chestnuts In Milk-Of Magnesia!!!! Our Salad Today:Oak Leaves and Celery Root,In A Marinade of Olive Oil,Chocolate Ice Cream,Mandrake Root,And Rabbit Au Gratin!!!! We have two main dishes on our menu:(A)-Roasted Canadian Owl,In Garlic,Dijon Mustard,Choke Cherries,Lemon-Flavored Wolfbane Roots,Count Chocola Cereal,And Kellogs Rice Coughspies!!!!!!! (B)-Southern Fried Kingston Local Parrot,In Mr.Clean,Oil Of Olay,Coffee-Flavored Exlax,Dogbane And Jimsonweed Roots,With Frankenberry Cereal!!!!!!! Veggies:Three:Parboiled Lily Of The Valley Roots,In A Marinade Of Roach Motel,Raid,And 40 Dead Flies In Captain Crunch Cereal!!!!! Also:Steamed Burdock and Skunk-Cabbage Root,In Poison Sumac And Fly-Mushrooms!!! Finally:Raw Onions and Ivory Soap!!! Dessert:Forget It. No Refunds. Make Your Reservation Now.C/A=Mike Harris,Ex-Premier Of Ontario. This is a satire. This Dedicated To-Marlon Brando!

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  1. ummm...ohKAY.....

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      emily asplund

      it's so exciting to see this restaurant up on your site; i love your site, and i'm living in new york but grew up in kingston. what a great town. have you been to the general wolfe on wolfe island? really good (albeit ultra-traditional) frenchish food. the best caesar salad you could ever imagine.

    2. Please forgive my ignorance regarding Jewish dietary law. Is Canadian owl kosher?