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Feb 9, 2000 07:13 PM

Great Quebec City Dinner Recommendations Wanted

  • j

My husband and I will be visiting Quebec the end of this month for the first time - if anyone can give us some recommendations for where good regional dining can be had, we would appreciate it.

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  1. Judith have you checked out the prior threads? I understand that the chef/owner of auberge la camarine in Beaupre sold it to her former staff members, which may affects its quality (I don't know - hoping to go there next summer nevertheless)

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      Jen -

      Thanks for your comments on this board and on Montreal board - I have checked out prior threads and they were helpful - thought I might see if there were any recent updates.

      I am looking forward to our trip and will report back on restaurants when we return.

      - Judith

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        FWIW, the current Where to Eat in Canada (99-00)notes that there is a new chef at Serge Bruyere, who cooks in the luxe nouvelle kind of style and that he is doing a good job (worth the high prices), but it also cautions that he's only doing the actual cooking in the "Grand Table" part of the house.

        You know, sorry, I have a bit of a reaction sometimes when people look for the new things wherever they go, as we do in NY. In reality, sometimes there are good new places and sometimes familiar places slide downhill, but for the most part things dont change all that much from year to year in old-fashioned places like Quebec province. There, except perhaps in Montreal, the highest quality restaurant cooking tends to be either French Canadian or a rather conservative rendition of classic French cooking Then too,most of the well-regarded restaurants are not new and the chefs are often the owners, adding to stability. So we will (making an exception for Norman Laprise in Montreal) tend to gravitate to the older places, feeling that they are more characteristically Quebecois and likely to be reliable.

        I do hope you post about what you find - and that you have a wonderful time.

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          Jan - Thanks so much for your interest - I will definitely get back to you after the trip but a quick question: what is the "grand table" part of the house?

          1. re: Judith

            Re: Serge Bruyere - it looks like this establishment includes a cafe, a (less-expensive) downstairs bistro, a take-out and the fancy "Grande Table". My source guidebook (WTEIC) says the chef Jean Claude Crouzet (formerly at Le Melrose)only actually cooks for the latter and that its worth the price, which they say is $115 (Canadian) for 2. Thats all I know and its book knowledge- you or hopefully others can add some meat to these bones! Do enjoy your trip.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Jen - We did our major dining in Quebec City - it was a wonderful experience - first, I will review the less interesting experiences - Serge Bruyere disappointed - sevice was excellent but Grand Table was pretty empty (just us and another couple) and I am uncertain who was cooking but the food was nothing special that night. Also ate at a restaurant named Initiale which was great service and very fresh ingredients and lovely atmosphere - we would have given anything to adore the food but again not very exciting.

              Had a very enjoyable dinner at Aux Anciens Canadiens which gave a sampling of traditional Quebecois dishes - maple sugar pie outstanding if you like sweet and I had a meat pie with different kinds of game which was also quite good - my husband had a pork and beans appetizer which he enjoyed - it is a sweet place which I never would have tried if not for seeing it discussed on chowhounds.

              I had an excellent ham and cheese crepe for brunch at Le Casse-Crepe Breton (so good I was speechless - must be careful though - there is another place on same block with Breton in title - this one is 1136, Rue St. Jean), however, my husband was less happy with his fruit crepe ( the fruit filling was cold).

              The undisputed stellar experience was Laurie Raphael - - superb appetizer of three kinds of cheese melted on bread - main dish of salmon stuffed with smoked salmon was wonderful and the sampling of maple sugar desserts - souffle, icecream, creme brule - also wonderful. The 2 glasses of wine recommended by our waiter were each unusual and special (unfortunately, I am not a wine conoisseur and can't even tell you the names - one red, one white) - service was grand, atmosphere lovely - my husband who is not a food person, loved his beef dish with terifyaki noodles - his vinagrette salad dressing was just right - he had the chocolate samplings for dessert which he enjoyed immensely. If my husband had been willing, I would have eaten there every night. It was very close to heaven on earth.

              Thanks for all the help - we loved Quebec.