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Jan 31, 2000 05:00 PM

Eating out in Victoria, B.C.

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Thought I would start a bit of stuff on where to get good eats in Victoria. So you know my point of view/taste, I don't really care about how pretty my plate looks. I am very fussy about how the food tastes and about fresh ingredients. I cook for a hobby but I don't eat flowers. I also believe that some of the best food on this coast is served in logging and fishing camps.
Breakfast: Hit "The Blue Fox" on Fort Street. Fesh bread, lots of butter, good coffee, fresh eggs, and the best home-fries in Victoria. Bring a big appetite.

Lunch: Lots of good places but try "Eugene's" on Broad Street. Cafeteria style greek food. The pace is fast and the food excellent. Come early as its usually busy.

Supper: "Milestones" on the Inner Harbour has one of the best views after dark in town. Food is pretty standard fare but acceptable. Avoid the steaks and try the pasta dishes. With a table by the window and a couple of Martinis, looking at the lights of the parliament buildings reflecting on the water you'll be sure to enjoy yourself.

More later,

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    Laura Finnigan

    Wonderful selections for people visisting Victoria, but what about San Remo!! Small yes, but the food is like no other you'll taste. It's not downtown, but any cabbie will know where to take you. And San's sister restaraunt, Villa Rosa. Almost as good, and this one is downtown on Fort.