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Dec 11, 1999 02:22 PM

Portuguese cuisine

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There is an article in todays star about the growing number of great Portuguese restaurants evolving in Toronto"s west end. In particular, PIRI_PIRI. ( 928 College St.) I agree whole heartedly that this is a great place both for the food and the price.

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  1. i'm starting to realize that I'm overdue for a trip to Toronto. And that those who claim that the Toronto food scene is unimpressive are ten years behind the times (did you see Gary Cheong's Chinese finds posting, for ex?).

    What kind of place is Piri Piri? Standard model, big portions served cheap in a bar, or expensive in an adjacent fancy dining room? is the clientele mostly portuguese?

    Also, "piri piri" is actually from Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony. Do they do any Mozambiquen dishes? Look for hot, vinegary sauces.

    thanks for the post....we need more Canadian chowhounds to post and get all us Southerners stoked to come eat north of the border!


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