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Jun 23, 1999 05:27 PM

Toronto - Business Dinners

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I'm looking for chowhounds' recommendations for interesting restaurants for business dinners in Toronto. I usually have 8-10 (gastronically sophisticated) people in the party. Price is not really a factor but we prefer to be reasonably close to the Yorkville area. In the past I've tried Prego, Bistrot 990, Jump, Verona. Does anyone have any views about Scaramouche or North 44? Anything else new? Has the restaurant in the Park Hyatt opened yet? If so, is it any good? Would Thai Magic or Chiado be okay for business dinners? I've read the chowhound archive on Toronto, but most suggestions seem like the places I'll go on my nights off, not for business dinners. Also, any suggestions for restaurants with nice private rooms (like Jump and Verona)?

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  1. have you looked at the currently available (98-99)
    version of "where to eat in canada" yet? Amazon has it
    for 12 bucks.

    my 97-98 edit lists as its top (** and *** choices the
    following: Avalon with a chef who jumped from Jump),
    Boba, Canoe, Lotus,North 44deg.,Opus, Pangaea,Prego,.
    Scaramouche got 1 unenthusiastic star. I think I said
    the other day around 40 Toronto places in all are
    reviewed in this guide, and a new guide should be out
    fairly soon. (last year, we saw the current one in a
    restaurant in early august).

    Realize this guide is no substitute for personal
    experience or being a Toronto person, but I can
    recommend it from past experience in Quebec, and I do
    believe its recommendations (which cover food at all
    levels) would be of use to a business-travelling

    I'd love to hear what you find and what you think of
    the places your group has tried already.

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      woops - my prior post about "Where to Eat in Canada"
      was on a Montreal thread.

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        Jennifer Stott

        Thanks Jen. I'll definitely grab a copy of "Where to Eat in Canada". I find Prego consistently good Italian food and the staff are great with large, unwieldy, demanding groups. I have only had great experiences at Jump (modern American with Mediterranean influences), and last year I had a sitdown dinner for 50 there. But if the chef's moved on ... I have found the food at Verona pretty ordinary, but it does have a good private room upstairs. I can't really say why I keep going back to Bistrot 990 - the French food is nothing special (although the lunchtime omelette is usually good) and the service is slow - I guess it's the atmosphere.

      2. The original comment has been removed