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Mar 19, 2002 03:37 PM

Suggestions for special "experience" dinner in Seattle

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Planning a dinner for 6 food-loving friends in Seattle later this month. Would like it to be an "experience". Any suggestions? (Our last dinner was the chef's dinner in the kitchen at Kaspar's. Ten-course tasting menu served by Kaspar Donier, along with selected wines, a great running commentary on the food and small jars of the chef's assorted homemade preserves as parting gifts. Highly recommended!)

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Have you tried Kerry Sear's Cascadia? A focused concept and menu showcasing the best of the region's growers and foragers with wine pairings from the PNW. I would make the comparison to Vancouver's Lumière with more local influences.

    1. You can never go wrong with Mistral. See the thread below for more info. They generally have a few event type dinners every month, and Chef William is very accomodating and friendly. You can visit their Web site with the link below. (it has not been updated recently, but you can get an idea of what they do)


      Ben Schielke

      Link: http://www.mistralseattle.com

      1. some suggestions:1) dinner at Le Gourmand in Ballard is always very special for food lovers
        2)if you have unlimited time and a large budget, try to get into the Herbfarm. though somewhat pretentious,
        it is truly an experience.
        3)if you are into sushi(or japanese food)try Nishino
        in madison park. the have a "tasting menu" that always features the freshest and most interesting items available that night.
        p.s if it is a nice sunny ,clear day you can't go wrong with the food and views at either Palisade or the Salish Lodge!

        1. The Front Room at Kathy Casey Food Studios may meet all of your needs.

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            Does that involve a lot of interaction with Kathy herself? She drives me batty.

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              Kathy Casey is actually quite nice and personable. Have you even met her? More than once?

              I've been really offended lately by the negative posts on this board. Honesty and constructive criticism about the local food culture are appreciated. Personal attacks are not.

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                I don't want to meet her after seeing her 6,000 times on the public TV fund drives. She's overly perky and annoys me. That's not a personal attack. That's an opinion.

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                  west coast gal

                  I couldn't disagree with you more. I love watching Kathy Casey. She's a northwest favorite cooking personality. Plus she's a genuinely nice, down to earth and generous person.

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                    Part of the appeal of a meal at Kathy Casey Food Studios is that you can learn from, well, Kathy Casey, a local authority on all things food related. Then again, if you don't want Casey's food advise I would suggest a wine dinner at Brasa with Bryan Hill.

                    You know Kathy Casey is on KCTS so often I thought the call letters stood for Kathy Casey Television Station. I, for one, am glad she is on the tube.

                  2. re: Becky McNabb

                    I second your objection to the negative "attack" posts on this site. I am EXTREMELY OFFENDED by the tone and personalizing of such "opinions". I find it unnecessary, unhelpful, and unkind with no purpose but trying to draw attention to the poster.

                    Kathy Casey, who is extremely nice and very knowledgeable, is a visitor and sometimes poster to this site. I wonder how some posters, who seem to think anything goes if they hold it out as "opinion," would feel if they opened this site one day and found a long list of personal attacks thinly vailed as "opinion" naming them?

              2. If you don't mind a beautiful drive outside of Seattle try Victoria's at Robinhood in Union on Hood Canal. They do a Chef's table that is very quaint and personable for up to 4 people. And by the way Sonja if you don't mind me asking who do you work for? You seem to post a lot of leading questions and I was just curious? B

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                  BMAN- Thanks for the suggestion--I've never heard of it. I don't work in the food industry--this question is my first posting. You may be confusing me with the other "Sonja" who I also noticed has a large number of postings

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                    Hi Sonja and welcome. Maybe you'd like to give some thought to a more distintictive nametag since, as you pointed out, there's another Sonja. You could add a last name or initial, or get as creative as you like. With so many posters, we'd like to be able to get to know YOU. Let us know, if you choose to change your tag. Thanks and back to the chow.

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                      Good point. I'm SonjaR from this point forward. Thanks to the group for all the good suggestions.


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                      Oops, sorry for the confusion sonja? Sonja?