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Feb 16, 1999 09:24 AM


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Has anyone been to Chiado or Adega? Both have been
recommended to us for Portuguese/Latin. We'll be in
Toronto this weekend if you have any response or other
suggestions. We are first making a beeline for our
favorite Thai there, Thai Magic. I dream of their
lobster with chili-coriander sauce!

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Thanks, we've been to Centro, though it's been a few
      yrs. I remember our meals being pretty tasty ,and
      great people watching,but we really loved the the
      cafe/bar downstairs...had a phenomenal piano player.
      We're looking more for ethnic grub since we have
      limited choices at home in Cleveland.

      1. re: Heidi
        Daniele Merlis

        An excellent place to eat in Toronto is Monsoon. It
        is a very cool, hip looking place with Asian fusion
        type food. Great meal with great atmosphere.
        Another place that is worth a try is dim sum at the
        Metropolitan hotel. They don't come around with the
        cart, but it is very good.

        1. re: Daniele Merlis

          chiado is excellent we also had a very nice meal on
          king st at verona a very nice restaurant on the
          romantic of my thai favorites is golden thai
          or young thailand both great. the whole fried fish in
          the thai sauce is excellent. there are so many to
          mention as i have lived there and now go back about 6
          times a year. so any other questions just ask!! oh by
          the way Avalon is excellent also.and for greek go to
          the danforth (east on bloor) to ouzeri great food at a
          decent price of course have the saganaki!!! (juli)