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Ackee Tree at Spadina/Queen

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The new Ackee Tree looked like it was open when I passed by on the streetcar this morning.

Is it open? Anyone been? Is it any good?



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  1. Really good. Shrimp the size of my fist. Spicy and wonderful. Try it!

    1. Good Jamaican food! Wanted to have the Jerk chicken wings, but apparently they didn't have them yet. Got the jerk chicken instead, and it was nice and tender, rice and beans were good, and plantains were great!
      Only complaint is the tiny serving of coleslaw... it's good, i wanted more!

      1. I went there yesterday and tried the jerk chicken meal. Chicken was fantastic, rice and beans... weren't. Mushy and overcooked. Veggies were OK, not overdone, but nothing spectacular. Didn't get the plantains, unfortunately.

        I'll go back and try other stuff, but I would definitely suggest they find some way of keeping the rice a little fresher, and also speeding things up again -- they had less patient customers leaving because the one person making the food took forever.

        Probably just the opening jitters of a new restaurant though, so no big deal.

        1. Is there a website for this eatery? I am interested to see what their menu is like.

          1. Hopefully their food is not as watered down as Eaton Centre's.

            Yuck Eaton Centre's jerk chicken and other stuff does not taste like the real deal.

            1. how much for the chicken,....how much for the shrimp? is this take out food or do you have to sit down?

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                there isn't much info about this particular place floating around unless someone on this board was a frequenter of their first location.

                whatever shrimp someone else had mentioned is a special i believe, it wasn't there when i went but they had a roasted snapper that looked divine.

                the menu has apps, mains and then combos. all i completely recall is that a combo (meat, rice&beans, plantain pieces, plus thimble of coleslaw) was around $9 before tax. the servings are a seriously good meal size. the jerk chicken was moist and flavourful enough although i would encourage a touch more oomph. their coleslaw was actually quite good and wish i could have had more. goat roti was completely fall of the bone goodness but could have used a touch less sauce.

                you can do take out or sit down. you essentially order/purchase at a counter but you can take the food or they'll bring it to you. it's sort of a do whatever you please kind of place.

                the owner/manager/whatever is actually born canadian but his parents are from jamaica if that makes any difference to anyone.

              2. Yeah no shrimp when I went. I've had the jerk chicken (the large fed me AND my son). I requested curried potato instead of the rice based on what I read here. The coleslaw, I just asked for extra. Next time I ordered the boneless chicken roti and the skin was a little bit tough, not too bad and the chicken in it tasty BUT salty. Woo.

                I hope they expand their menu and lay off the salt a bit.