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Jun 20, 2006 10:42 AM

Ackee Tree at Spadina/Queen

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The new Ackee Tree looked like it was open when I passed by on the streetcar this morning.

Is it open? Anyone been? Is it any good?



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  1. Really good. Shrimp the size of my fist. Spicy and wonderful. Try it!

    1. Good Jamaican food! Wanted to have the Jerk chicken wings, but apparently they didn't have them yet. Got the jerk chicken instead, and it was nice and tender, rice and beans were good, and plantains were great!
      Only complaint is the tiny serving of coleslaw... it's good, i wanted more!

      1. I went there yesterday and tried the jerk chicken meal. Chicken was fantastic, rice and beans... weren't. Mushy and overcooked. Veggies were OK, not overdone, but nothing spectacular. Didn't get the plantains, unfortunately.

        I'll go back and try other stuff, but I would definitely suggest they find some way of keeping the rice a little fresher, and also speeding things up again -- they had less patient customers leaving because the one person making the food took forever.

        Probably just the opening jitters of a new restaurant though, so no big deal.

        1. Is there a website for this eatery? I am interested to see what their menu is like.

          1. Hopefully their food is not as watered down as Eaton Centre's.

            Yuck Eaton Centre's jerk chicken and other stuff does not taste like the real deal.