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Jun 19, 2006 09:16 PM

Cafe Vert - Quick lunch review

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With a friend, I wandered into Cafe Vert on Queen East in Leslieville this weekend. We were starving and looking for a quick bite, and Cafe Vert vastly exceeded our expectations. From the outside, it isn't clearly a restaurant so I thought it was a coffee shop. However, we found that they have a full menu, including a special brunch menu.

The brunch menu is quite large, and the rest of the menu is rounded out with sandwiches, salads, soups - maybe more. Everything is organic and there are tons of vegetarian options. My understanding is that just about everything is made on site.

We both had the pomegranate-berry lemonade which was unbelievably refreshing on such a hot day. I bit tart and very tasty - completely original.

My friend had the baked breakfast, which was a very thick fritatta-type concoction that was served with baked sweet potatos and (I think) salad. I think it also came with a little chipotle sauce, but I'm not quite sure.

I alost chose the breakfast quesadilla but ended up with a spinach wrap filled with veggies and house-made egg salad. The egg salad is very aromatic with lots of basil. Lots of carrots and cucumber in the wrap too. The sandwich came with a cup of chunky gazpacho which was very nice and garnished with avocado.

Total including tax and tip was about $30. The service provided by the 2 servers was excellent - very caring and attentive. Everything was amazingly fresh. Unfortunately, I don't live in Leslieville so probably won't get here too often but it is definitely a place to watch out for if you're in the area. There was a sign up regarding a liquor application so my guess is that is in the works. Not sure about their hours - might just be a breakfast/lunch place.

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  1. It's right up the street from us and I was wondering about it. Thanks for the review.

    1. sorry I had to dig up this old post because I recently discovered this restaurant and I'm in love with it.
      I had attempted to dine there a few times but it was always closed. It's now open for dinner, but closed monday, tuesday and sunday nights.
      For my first visit I also had the pomagranite lemonade and the french toat. This french toast was not what I expected. It was baked and piled high like lasagna, layered with plantane, bacon and chedder cheese (yes this place does serve meat) and I finished off the meal with s uper soft vegan brownie. total with tip $20
      I stopped by the other night for take out (which was ready suprisingly fast) I tried the "catch" which was Bassa, wonderfully prepared with purple rice, fresh greens, sweet potato and some sort of other salad.
      The server mentioned that everything is made right in the restaurant and nearly everything there is organic. I'm so pleased I finally got to experiance this restaurant. It's great for eat in (calming atmosphere, friendly unique service) and take out.
      with all the new restaurants in the area I'm in heaven and Cafe vert is by far my favorite so far.

      1. The original comment has been removed