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Jun 13, 2006 06:38 AM

korean bbq using charcoal, not gas

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I know there are quite a few k-bbq threads already, but my focus is on charcoal grills. The unmistakeable difference in taste w/charcoal makes it hard for me to revert back to gas. So far, these are the only two I know of.......

658 Bloor St. W

Seoul House
3220 Dufferin St. Suite 1A

Obviously besides the grill, variety of meat + lettuce and banchan are crucial. I'm not really interested in any AYCE establishments. Fill me in on any I'm missing.


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  1. Really enjoyed the charcoal grill at Sejong on Bloor West last night. The bulgogi and the long kalbi were terrific! Tender, deliciously marinated meat, and friendly service (though there was a huge language barrier, and we didn't get rice). Comes with congee soup, tons of sides, lettuce wrappers, etc. (I prefer the sides at Korea House, however.)

    Avoid the black bean noodle dish with pork and veggies (#9 on the noodle list for $14) as it's bland and porkless.