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Jun 11, 2006 09:20 PM

Dominion's Gelato

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Dominion is one of the worst grocery stores around. BUT, their gelato is pretty good. Not Hollywood good. Not quite La Paloma. But, pretty good.

I had a small ($1.95) which was plenty. Despite the small cup, the gelato came a good 4 inches out of the cup, giving me a generous portion.

I had chocolate and pistachio, two benchmark flavours. The chocolate was very good; nice, dark, and chocolatey. Very nice texture. The pistachio was as good as La Paloma's: a bit too green, and tasting of artificial flavour. But, tasty nonetheless.

Hollywood is the best, bar none. La Paloma does not even come close. Dominion is third place, but not far behind LP.

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    vinnie Vidimangi

    I disagree. Fruit and vegetable prices are breathtaking an dthey are photography quality, but so are Loblaws'. I get a real kick out of Dominion's "specialty" potatoes in the clamshell at $1.29 lb. They are also trying to turn tomatoes into the same clamshell B.S. But I do like their meat and always buy on sale their prime rib roasts, which I cut for steak, at $3.99 or $4.99 a lb. The $20 a lb stuff of previous posts is unnecessary.

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      Your Dominion is obviously better than the one near me: Bayview and York Mills. At mine, the produce does not take anyone's breath away. I once had to wave near-rotten produce at the store's staff, repeatedly asking them sarcastically if they really "fresh-obsessed?"

      Anyhoo, the gelato is darn good. I'll be popping in for that stuff near weekly.

      1. re: Fwagra

        Fwagra, I totally agree. That's the store near me as well, and I have been totally disappointed with the produce since we moved into the area 4 years ago (limp, rubbery broccoli, wilted greens). I find myself going to Bruno's or Loblaws for produce even though the Dominion is closer (and the produce store next door is outrageously overpriced).

        But I'm looking forward to trying the gelato (Hollywood is my all-time personal favourite).

      2. re: vinnie Vidimangi

        Dominion can have good meat. I got a fresh rabbit at the one on College last week. And they often have excellent sales on rib steaks that are decent quality.

        Their Master Choice peanut butter is excellent.

        Have not had the gelato.

      3. i believe dominion's carries Sicilian company's gelato - which i think is the second best, after la Paloma. But given Paloma's prices, I think Sicilian's is better value. I only eat these two.... haven't tried hollywood's yet

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        1. re: mx

          The St. Lawrence Dominion makes their own in store

        2. We also frequently buy gelato from Dominion. It is pretty good. A half litre goes for $7 and a full litre for $10. Check their weekly flyers, sometimes they sell a full litre for $7.

          1. I totally agree! What a nice surprise that such good gelato comes from a grocery store. I didn't care for the caramel, but the lemon is perfectly tart. The strawberry and raspberry are heavenly. They will also make gelato cakes upon request and they aren't bad!

            1. Hmm... now you've got me curious about pistachio gelato at Dominion! I had the one at Hollywood Gelato, but didn't think it was that good - probably wouldn't order it again.