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Jun 9, 2006 01:46 PM

Best Peking Duck in or around Toronto?

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First post here - nice to meet you all. What's the recommendations on the best Peking Duck within a civilized drive of downtown Toronto? The guest of honor is still pining for Champion House, so that's the benchmark we're hoping to meet, if anyone recalls them. Price isn't a big factor - he wants BEST. All suggestions very welcome! Thanks in advance.

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  1. What about Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant up at Scarborough? (Warden, south of Steeles). I know its name says "seafood", but all Chinese restaurants like to use Seafood in their name. The presentation of the Peking Duck as well as the duck dishes (e.g. lettuce wraps) are quite good.

    1. We've had great peking duck a bunch of times from Golden Leaf. It's on the east side of Spadina, north of Dundas.

      The peking duck is delicious, so is the second course - rainbow in crystal fold. The remaining duck meat is chopped, stir fried and eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves. Mmmmmm.


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        Yes it's pretty good at Golden Leaf (sister restaurent of King's Court on King), however I believe they "cheat" by deep frying the duck instead of roasting it in the oven. Sadly many restaurents serve it this way now. If you don't have to wait 20 mins or more for it (or reserve in advance), it came out of the fryer.

        Also IIRC Golden Leaf serve it with the tiny "lotus leaf" pancakes. I prefer the more traditional big flat pancakes.

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          As of Sunday night after a very bad experience and disapointing experience at Golden Leaf it is off our list. This was the first of about ten visits over two years that let us down
          (and perhaps could be blamed on a Sunday "B Crew") but the level of crappy service and crappy food has made us vow never to return...

          In light of this where in Chinatown can we get our fix from now on?

      2. I had great peking duck at Lai Wah Heen a few years ago. I'm looking for the best peking duck now, too. I would happily return to Lai Wah Heen, but are there any other non-fried duck places with great atmosphere in the GTA?

        1. I'd love some other suggestions too. Definitely have heard some good things about Champion House for Peking Duck. I actually feel like suggesting duck for Thanksgiving instead of turkey. LOL ;)

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            We ended up going to King's Garden on King (across from Roy Thomson). While some of the food was unimpressive (the TWENTY-TWO dollar "Stewed Asparagus in Supreme Sauce with Garlic" was a small handful of asparagus in a greyish sauce of indeterminate ingredients plus some roasted garlic cloves), the Peking Duck was really quite good. We'd go back for that, for sure.

          2. I say Dragon Dynasty. But I seem to always say Dragon Dynasty. Though I haven't eaten peking duck in T.O. much. I did try the Golden Court one a couple of months ago and was disappointed that it was served with steamed flat bun dough. I too and a traditionalist for the flat mandarin pancakes.

            I did duck one Thanksgiving using the Four Seasons Chicago duck recipe that was on Martha Stewart's show. Sooooooo good. Duck stuffing (I just added stuffing, the recipe didn't ask for it) puts Turkey stuffing to shame. Must be all that duck fat.