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Jun 8, 2006 10:48 PM

First Rate Falafels?

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I still have not found an excellent FALAFEL joint in Toronto! Please help Chowhounds! Where do you get your falafel fix!?

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  1. v
    vinnie Vidimangi

    Prince of Egypt on Danforth and Broadview makes excellent Egyptian style (broadbeans, not chickpeas)

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    1. re: vinnie Vidimangi

      I'm quite partial to King Davids at all 3 of their locations. They use chickpeas, but the ingredients they put together it with (ESPECIALLY ON TUESDAYS) make it a 3.50 well spent. Wash it down with a juice and chase it with a nice flaky boureka and I'm in heaven.

      1. re: Jason S.

        what's the deal with tuesdays?

        i agree they are very good, if a little skimpy with toppings though.

        1. re: Chester

          I second the What-A-Bagel recommendation - although I haven't been to the Bayview location.... The joint on Bathurst between Wilson and Lawrence is fantastic -- topped off with a delicious fried onion ring, yum!!!

          1. re: littleparsnip

            Really?? (about the onion ring)....interesting...must go good with the tahina.

            1. re: Goober

              Thanks for all your responses! I've got ALOT of eating to do!

              : )

            2. re: littleparsnip

              Agreed, except that when I was there they had a deep fried, battered potato slice. This won big points for me since I hadn't seen that anywhere since I was in Israel for a year

              The King David and Jerusalem at Bathurst/Lawrence (little strip, one block south) also does good falafel. They aren't entirely consistent though varying from great to ok depending on when you go.

        2. re: vinnie Vidimangi

          What-A-Bagel at Bayview, north of Steeles

        3. The best falafels come from that middle eastern / turkish(?) grocery/take out place in Kensington market. The best part the price is right. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of it...

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          1. re: AC

            The one in Kensignton is Akram's Falafel. I think they're definately the best. They make the Egyptian no-chickpea kind. The spicy is nicely spicy and they are $2. They grill the pita so it's nice and crisp and hot when you get it.

            Ghazali's beside the Bloor Cinema is good too. But, it been a while since I went. I basically haven't been back since I discovered Akram's.

            1. re: Atahualpa

              Hmmm, no chick pea? What, then, do they use as the main ingredient? Just curious as to what differentiates Egyptian-style from the other, I assume chick pea based styles.

              1. re: mrbozo

                I think they use broadbeans (fava) instead. (Vidimangi seems to have the same memory-- see above in the first post).

                1. re: Atahualpa

                  Akram Dow uses mung, soy and fava beans if memory serves me well and his home made hot pepper paste is DIVINE! Definitely the best I've had. His lentil soup is also a keeper!

                  1. re: cookbook

                    Akram has been closed for awhile now. Reconstruction. i hope they open soon, great falafals

          2. You're not going to believe it, but the Rabba Fine Foods on Harrison Garden Blvd, south of Sheppard ,E of Yonge has great Falafels. They're homemade, nicely spiced and generous with the toppings. And they have whole wheat pitas. I think they're around $4. If I lived there, I'd be eating one every day.

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            1. re: jill
              Dinin' and Dishin'

              I believe it, because I go to the Rabba Foods at the Greenwin Centre at Bloor E and Huntley St. for their excellent Falafels. I haven't tried their Schwarmas, but my friend who accompanies me tells me they are also great.

            2. Tov Li (kosher place). Two locations on Bathurst.

              1. I have three suggestions:

                i) Ghazale (Bloor & Bathurst)
                A little whole-in-the-wall place with some of the best falafels in the downtown area

                ii) Akram's (Kensington Market)
                Amazing falafels and a great selection of middle-eastern groceries (fresh pitas, tahini, etc.)

                iii) Unkown name (Dundas & University)
                A middle-eastern falafel place on the south side of Dundas, just east of University. I went here recently for the first time, and was absolutely floored by the quality of their falafels, particularly their homemade hot sauce. I'm going back for seconds sometime soon.

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                1. re: xtal

                  one other GREAT hole in the wall to add

                  i) Empire (999 Bloor (west of bathurst))

                  by far my favourite place