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Jun 8, 2006 05:38 PM


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Any recommendations as to where to go for good chicharrones (pork not chicken)? I'm craving it for breakfast with some spicy salsa!

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  1. Hey oldmoviesmaniac, I don't know where you can buy the chicharrones on their own for home consumption but Tacos El Asador (Bloor and Christie) makes wonderful tacos and pupusas stuffed with chicharrones.

    1. Mexitaco at 828 Bloor Street West.




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        Thanks for the info! I'll have to check out your recommendation as well as Harissa's. Can't wait to eat!

      2. mario's latin video (bloor and palmerston). colombian place with lots of excellent goodies, including both home-made and other chicaronnes. they've also got some ``store-bought'' ones that are addictive -- chicarrones con chili i limon. mmmmmmmmmmm.

        1. If this is the heart-hostile treat that I think this is (deep fried pork rinds?!), there's a
          store in Kensington market on Augusta north of Baldwin that sells it -- one of the bigger
          Latin American places on the east side of the street. Check out the big tupperware container
          near the cashier, grab yourself a paper bag and start filling it. It gets weighed at the
          cash point. Grab napkins on the way out -- you will need it.

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            Just had the best chicharrones I have ever eaten. They sell them in a bag, made fresh and still warm at a place called Banahaw Food Mart
            458 Dawes Road, East York
            I know these are so bad for me however the crispness and the fact there is a little meat still on them makes them very, very tasty.
            They are open Monday to Saturday.

            1. re: Poorboy

              It's odd that the No Frills on Carlaw has stopped selling these. They were on the shelves with many other Mexican ingredient but mysteriously, that shelf space has been looking like "old mother Hubbard's cupboard" since April. I was buying one or two bags a week since January.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                T&T sells them (in the Pilipino food section) but they contain MSG. Fresco at Leslie & Lakeshore sells them - a Mexican brand with no MSG.

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                  Metro Grocers carry those Bakonets in a bag and they will do in a pinch. The ones from Banahaw however are made fresh, have a little creamy fat and a small bit of meat on them. For the fresh ones, you can freeze, leave out on a counter to thaw and then heat up slowly at a mild temp in a toaster oven.Just picked up another bag today. Not cheap at $6.50 but well worth it as a treat. And pass out the Crestor afterwards...

                  1. re: Poorboy

                    I'll have to look into these. Perhaps at breakfast over Huevos Rancheros.