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Jun 8, 2006 09:40 AM

Cfood...for BUNCH?

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I need some help here.

There is a family event, in which I am partitially involved in the planning, and there was a suggestion of going to Cfood for brunch the following morning after the event.

I was surprized that Cfood was suggested, but sure enough they have a brunch menu on their website. Has anyone ever been there for brunch? I would very much like to know what it is like. To me, going to a seafood restaurant for brunch sounds kind of fishy (ok, ok, it was a bad joke, but it made laugh...what do you people want from me!?! I have only had 2 cups of coffee this morning)

Also, as I recall, Cfood is not a big place so if it were to be a group of 10+, would we be crowded?

Any and all info is much appreciated.

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  1. I was there once for the Prix Fixe brunch menu.
    For $15 I had a Strawberry Caramel Crepe with a cheese omelette and banana bread. It was quite goood, and the place is very cozy.

    Like you said, it doesn't seat a lot of people, so I'm not sure if it's the best place for a group brunch. The saturday tha tI went, the place was packed by 11am, but I believe it was when they first launched their brunch menu. Anyway, i hope that helps.

    The banana bread french toast is quite good.


    1. I work near the newly-opened Cfood.

      About a week before Cfood opened - when they were still under construction and no menu was posted - I went in to introduce myself and welcome them to the neighbourhood. I asked what the "C" referred to thinking that it was some kind of inside joke, or "Carb" something, or what have you. In answer to my question, I was given the most insulting look and sarcasting response - as if to suggest that I was stupid for not knowing that it was a pun on "Seafood". Again, there was no menu, etc. in view. I thought to myself, surely they can't be serious - such an obvious pun - here, in my stupidity, I thought that the proprietors could come up with something a little more clever and that this literal pun was not remotely possible.

      Anyway, I did not appreciate the attitude, especially BEFORE they even opened. In today's climate of restaurants struggling to stay in business, I am constantly surprised at the type of crap that is shown to patrons. Needless to say, I have not eaten their brunch, or any other "C" food that they serve, because I refuse to support people like this.

      Every time a new resto opens in the 'hood, there is a lot of chatter about it among the local vendors, etc.
      Apparently, my sentiments seem consistent with the neighbourhood buzz (or lack thereof). I have heard that the owners are just good schmoozers and have friends in high places - hence all their positive reviews/media...

      So if anyone reading this is also uninterested in supporting attitude-laden establishments, then you should avoid the same owners' soon-to-open-two-doors-away resto called "MEATing". Oh, and I'm certain that there's no need to walk in and ask what that pun means.

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      1. re: Lee

        i thought `meating' was a butcher shop, but got the same sneer from one of them. ``it's a steak house.''

        1. re: Lee

          They are the Centner family, of the Bloor Street Grill Centner's. Not the nicest people on the planet. Not very good to their staff. And, as you've found out, not very good to their prospective customers either!

          1. re: gigi

            Went once, for dinner, the grilled fish was o.k. but the whole place just does not grab you. I'd go somewhere else for brunch, somewhere that understands hospitality and is used to dealing with large groups. We did o.k. at Provence on Amelia Street in Cabbagetown, and they have a nice patio.

        2. My girlfriend and I went to Cfood for brunch just today. It's pretty good for $15 especially since you can choose any three items from Sweets, Mains and Sides columns not just one per column.

          I had the bacon, sausage and cheese (swiss) omlette, the banana bread french toast (very tasty!) and the scones. My girlfriend had the banana bread french toast as well, the spinach eggs benedict and English sausages. Plus coffee or tea and orange juice or a smoothie.

          Service was friendly though just a smidge slow for my liking for breakfast. The place was full. If it was the same amount of time for dinner it would have been alright.

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          1. re: lister

            Was there yesterday -- the price has increased to $17.
            It was fine, but if you want an omlette/toast/salad, you can get the equivalent brunch (or better) for much less elsewhere. There is a nice novelty to it.

            2419 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2E7, CA