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Jun 8, 2006 09:39 AM

Queen East Rec's

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I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight and would like to go somewhere fun and funky on Queen East. I know pretty much every spot between Broadview and Neville Park, but am looking for something perhaps I hadn't considered.
I'm thinking KUBO Radio, but am open to other suggestions. Nothing too expensive (Tomi-Kro is out), something fun, where you can get some red meat if you'd like, or something more 'healthy'.
Should I stick with Kubo?

Not Stratengers (been there too much lately)
ditto Murphy's Law

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  1. What about Gio Rana's Really Really nice restaurant? I had a girlfriend night there and we had a great time.

    There's also Quigleys if you are looking for a patio. Doesn't quite fit the funky spec, but it is always a good standby.

    For funky, you really have to go west, either King or Queen.

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      I second Quigley's, and add Feathers Pub up on Kingston Road at Scarborough Road. The same man started both pubs, and they both work. Feathers has been around since 1981, and was mentioned in at least one novel. Both places friendly and convivial.

    2. Pop Bistro at Broadview (west of)
      Haven't been, but friends really enjoyed it.


      1. Why not try Barrio? It is next door to Kubo Radio.

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          Love Barrio! I always worry that this is an undiscovered treasure that will sink without sufficient customers.

          It's a place with great food and no pretention.

        2. We went to "Ci Vediamo" the other night. Great Italian food, and excellent patio for people watching! Very busy on weekends...unless you beat the rush...we went at 6:00 pm and got a great really fills up after that. It's just east of Woodbine Ave, on Queen St. E. Good prices as well...for the 2 of us with drinks and apps...$80.00 before tip.

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