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Mar 13, 2002 03:39 PM

if you had to choose the best in the city---Seattle

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Hi all
If you were forced to choose the best overall dining in Seattle---so consider how much it costs, the service, the food, the atmosphere---what would you choose? I always hear about the same places (rovers, lampreia), but I don't know....for the money? I think I'd choose others...
So, I'd love to hear what you'd say is the best, overall, restaurant in the city!

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  1. This seems a little too broad to me. You're still going to hear Lampreia, Rover's, Brasa, etc. etc., then someone else will say they had a horrible, just horrible, experience there. As far as "for the money" is concerned, that's gonna be all over the map as well. Narrow it down a little!

    1. No Queston, The Dahlia Lounge.

      1. My best overall choices in Seattle is Cafe Lago on 24th Ave. West in the Montlake neighborhood. It's a small place, very good Italian. I'm a little biased because we can walk there.

        1. I've got to say, for overall pleasure time after time...Palace Kitchen. I always have a good time there.
          Also--Matt's in the Market.

          1. I agree about Cafe Lago---it's great. If I had to choose the best, though, I'd say the best meal I've had in the last year was at Le Pichet...for the price, the food and the way the place feels...I really liked it.

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              I would enthusiastically second Le Pichet. I've yet to have a bad meal there after several visits, and the atmosphere is warm and comfortable.