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Veda Indian Takeout

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Has anyone tried this place on the west side of Yonge, just south of Davenport? Looks like a small menu of classics but wondering about execution.

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  1. Tried a paneer makhani - cheese in butter sauce (not something you'd see everyday). While that is OK, the rice is horrible - hard and no flavour. They also give you half a naan which is not bad, maybe next time I will ask for more naan and no rice and try something else.

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      I really didn't like it. Very bland. And the naan was more like a piece of pita bread than proper naan. I won't return.

    2. Sorry to hear your experiences weren't good.

      I have eaten there a handful of times and I really like it. The owner is trying to do something different - healthy Indian - it's not bad. I have had the butter tofu and the chana masala. It is a nice change from thai/viet/chinese/sushi cuisine that dominates the neighborhood and it is very fast.

      1. I finally got there!

        ...and I am left wanting.
        Not more- just wanting.

        I've had 'healthy' indian before- at a place where Jet Fuel used to be- Yonge street- near Richmond-and it was really good- managed to keep the flavors up while keeping out the ghee, etc. Cannot remember the name, nor do I know if it's still there..

        Veda just doesn't do it for me- but I'm sure it fills a niche in it's area if you can't go a couple of blocks at lunch to the Host..

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          Jet Fuel has never had a downtown location. You're talking about Breadspreads on Temperance, a former bike courier drug den now closed and replaced by Spices. And it's still there. Good food, too.

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            Oh yes- I was thinking that I wrote the wrong place later on!

            *smaks head* Temperance!

            Thanks for the reminder (s)- haven't been that way in a long, long time- so glad to here they are still there- the owners are the nicest folks!! And yes- the food is GREAT.

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              Ha!! A 'drug den' on Temperance St.

          2. food's not bad, fairly tasty. friendly staff w ok food serving size. not very spicy, somewhat north americanized. not an extensive menu selection. but they do seem to use fresh good quality ingredients. i'll try it again.

            1. this place is awful! it's not even real indian food. i went to the location on church street and was so disappointed. they claim they're healthy but the chicken isn't even real chicken, it's some strange processed chicken food. i've had higher quality "healthier" indian food at holes in the wall indian places downtown.

              don't go here unless you want to barf it up afterwards (it made my stomach turn).

              1. I go here all the time. It's not so much healthy indian food, but more like healthy food with some indian spice. The butter chicken/tofu is made we a sauce that seems to be puree's lentils. If you go there seeking Indian food that you're used to then it's not going to work. The combo meal is an inexpensive, somewhat healthy protein and fibre bomb that will fill you up and IMO is pretty tasty. The nan is pretty lame, I forget right now what it is, but the other bread option is tasty. Also the baked veggie samosas are pretty good too.

                1. Horrible. Pita bread for Nan an immediate turn off. Bland curries. Yuppie food. Inauthentic. Would work better in another city with less variety of wonderful Indian restaurants.

                  1. Veda has a takeout location in the Sanford Fleming Building at UofT. I've hit it up for lunch a couple times now. Found the saag paneer and butter chicken on rice pretty tasty, not heavy, and best of all they use real spices (whole cardamon).

                    1. does anyone know if the church location has room to sit down?

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                        yup, they have some seats inside and a patio out front too (pending weather of course).