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Jun 2, 2006 12:53 PM

Good cheap places for lunch around UofT?

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Specifically around College and Spadina, I already explored around Kensington and Chinatown but not so much out of those areas. I have around 2 hours for lunch and don't mind a bit of walking if that helps...

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  1. Ah, my all-time favourite cheap lunch: Yung Sing Pastry Shop on Baldwin (north side, west of McCaul). Baked chinese buns filled with bbq pork, curried beef or veggies. For a few bucks, you can eat your fill. They used to be around $.90/bun, but that was a few years ago. Not sure of the current pricing.

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      yup, it's essentially the same. they also serve fried noodles and other quickie chinese foods.

      of course, once you're in the baldwin village you can check out the huge variety of options there and decide where your mood takes you. i'm a fan of yung sing, konnichiwa, margaritas, vegetarian haven and john's deli. haven't had enough of the thai or chinese to give a proper opinion on those.

      if you keep going south to dundas on the east side of spadina... there's always asian legend for huge servings of dimsum, art square (creperie with illy coffee) and bubble tea huts or complete chinese pastry shops.

      since you have two hours... i might even make the trek further down to queen st w. and hit up the st. patrick market for cheap take-out or one of the great indian places for their $9 buffet lunches.

      or go north of where you are to harbord st and there's a row of pizza places... i prefer papa ceo's. go a touch west and you'll hit the harbord bakery that also has a deli, keep going and there's momo's, keep going until around bathurst and there's harbord fish and chips.


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      vinnie Vidimangi

      A noodle soup or donburri is a delightful and satiating meal in a bowl at Konnichiwa. Everyone there is Japanese and the owners were chefs at the Prince Hotel. No more Chinese Japanese for me!

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        planet janet

        There are many great places to grab a cheap lunch in this neighbourhood. Like the others who responded, I am fond of Konnichiwa. Across the street is Cafe la Gaffe, which I used to like but now feel, considering the prices, it has become a bit too dingy. The food there is still good though. A bit further west in Kensington Market is Big Fat Burrito, a very apt name considering the portions (it's on Augusta, just two blocks south of College.) The yam burrito is amazing, as are the steak and breakfast ones. In this neighbourhood you can also grab very cheap Jamaican patties and empanadas further down Augusta and on Baldwin. Mercurial Cafe on Bloor and St George (there are now two in that area) has great espresso and the food is pretty decent (although not expensive, they are not necessarily 'cheap.')

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          Hey Planet Janet. Can you give me more info on Big Fat Burrito? What price range is it, and are portions big enough for a meal? You mentioned the yam burrito--is there any meat in it? I wanna bring my friend there, and he's a very fussy so-called "vegetarian" who eats pepperoni on pizza, and hot dogs, but not sausages. Do you also know the exact address as well?

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            You might want to check out the fish shack. They have very tasty sandwiches on hemp bread (very hearty). Essentially any fish you want grilled or fried. Great toppings like avocado, plantains...


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              Cool website you link to. Thanks

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                Didn't Big Fat Burrito replace the fish shack? Or did they just move?

          2. Big Fat Burrito moved in once the fish shack moved out. A little while later they reopened around the corner and expanded their offerings.

            1. I just went for lunch today to Thai Bangkok (I think that was the name of it - south of College on west side of Spadina) and they have an incredible lunch special: $6.95 for a spring roll, soup and an entree with rice. I had the spicy tofu and my friend had the green curry chicken, both of which were delicious. Great deal and great food.

              Massimo's pizza on College is great if you need a quick lunch - the slices are always fresh and tasty.

              Since you have some time, you might want to walk up to the Annex area (Bloor in between Spadina and Bathurst), which is full of a whole bunch of budget friendly food like Sushi on Bloor and Sarah's falafels.