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Jun 2, 2006 12:24 AM

amadei chocolate

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Where can i find this in toronto?

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  1. SOMA in distillery district has a good selection of Amedei reasonably priced.


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    1. re: CandyGirl

      how much are they roughly?

      1. re: CandyGirl

        Organic Boutique on Queen St West has the Amedei Porcelaina and Chuao at $11.99 each. One of the best prices I've seen around town.


        1. re: CandyGirl

          They charge $18 for the Porcelaina now. The shop assistant was also ridiculously unhelpful - refused to let me borrow a pen to write down some prices. I quote: "It's just a chocolate bar, you either buy it or you don't".

          Not when you're contemplating buying half a kilo to make Heston Blumenthal's (ridiculous) Black Forest gateau. I'm going to shop elsewhere.

          1. re: joelphillips

            Are you seriously going to make the gateau? Please let us know how it is.

            1. re: joelphillips

              Go to

              Amadei Porcelana is $14.50.

              They now have some good stuff in the clearance section, I think best prices around.

              1. re: SMOG

                you must be mistaken. 'a taste for chocolate' has incredibly inflated prices. i could understand if they were on queen and had crazy high rent, but come on.

        2. Was flipping through the latest issue of "City Bites", a magazine which is given away from time to time with the Globe and Mail, and they report that Amadei chocolate is also available at the Cheese Boutique, 45 Ripley Ave, 416 762 6292. Pretty pricey though at $11/50g.

          It's an interesting article: they do blind taste testing of 4 premiyum chocolate bars and picked "Michel Cluizel Los Ancones" as their favourite. Also available at Soma at $8.5/100 g. The article is on page 10 if you're interested.