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May 31, 2006 04:01 PM

Good Cheese @ Low(er) Prices

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I am looking for good quality feta, goat and parmesan cheeses without breaking the bank. Any ideas?

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  1. Costco--seriously.

    1. s

      I find that since Pasquale Bros. (in Etobicoke) are wholesalers their retail prices aren't too bad considering the quality is quite good.

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      1. re: SallyCinnamon

        Unless you're buying at wholesale--which most civilians aren't--Pasquale Bros. is no deal, despite acceptable quality.

        1. re: Ronin

          Pasquale Brothers is excellent value. You can buy in small portions and the staff is exceptional.

          1. re: dt

            Not in my book. Quality is acceptable, product is pricey, too. I'd expect staff to know a thing or three but don't find staff in their little Etobicoke store to be very helpful or savvy. At least their Spanish old-school paella pans are cheap!

            1. re: Ronin

              not sure what you call pricey..$30 a kilo for Italian parmesan reggiano and $15/kilo for 7 year old cheddar..If you are getting better prices I need to know where you are shopping..Speak to Anna the owner next time you are there. She can set you up with all kinds of unpasturized cheeses..

              1. re: dt

                Costco's cheaper on reggiano and grano padano.

      2. Grande Cheese Company

        They have the regular reggiano and loads of other premium cheeses at good prices. They also have their own house brands at substantially lower prices. All good quality.

        175 Milvan Dr,Weston,ont (416)740-8883
        468 Jevlan Dr,Woodbridge,On (905)856-6880
        9737 Yonge St,Richmond Hill,(905)883-3539
        22 Orfus Rd,Toronto,On(416)787-7670
        9929 Keele St,Maple,On(905)832-6189

        1. Try Global Cheese in Kensington Market. Ask them what's on sale. They have their share of expensive cheeses, but also some ridiculously cheap good deals.

          P.S. They only take cash. There's a TD green machine a couple of doors down.

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          1. re: Erik

            IMO, you need to be careful of Global. Some of the "ridiculously cheap good deals" are being sold cheaply because they're over-ripe and skanky. Other posters have had good luck, but not me. I've never returned after being sold a chunk of appenzeller that, when I got home and pulled it out, curled my hair and made me seriously queasy.

            1. re: Harissa

              Sounds like my experience over 20+ years ago with the piratical jerks at Global. Recall getting some "aged" Havarti that was missing its biohazard sticker.

            2. re: Erik

              Go to Global only if you want brusque service and more cheese than you need. Every time I've ever gone there (granted, it's been a while since I gave up and started patronizing the cute boys at Cheese Magic) they give you about twice as much as you request. Then they holler, "What else?" in a very pushy way. Hardly a bargain.

              1. re: Betty

                Funniest story about Global is more about their neighbour, Mendel's. Ages ago, I noticed sapsago advertised in the window, which I had never tried before but understood to be a hard, pale green-coloured cheese. I asked for a sample...which was a soft, white, grainy havarti-like cheese with dried vegetables. I gave up on both places after the problems with quantity and the fact that every cheese I sampled seemed to be a grainy variant of havarti!

                As for cheap, I like the small, almost sample-like pieces you can sometimes find at the various vendors in St. Lawrence, from which one can create a nice platter for parties.

            3. Sorry but no one beats Costco on Reggiano, Feta or quality goat cheeses(e.g., Woolwich Dairy). I got tired of extortionate pricing at the boutique cheese joints. Global's a joke: off-brands and iffy quality aren't the makings of a deal on cheese in my book.

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              1. re: Ronin

                Ronin, I agree. Costco has a surprisingly decent selection of cheeses for reasonable prices. I would add that Costco has some good aged cheddars.