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May 31, 2006 02:01 AM

Nectar Review

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I had dinner at nectar tonight. WOW. I have had dinner at Nectar before and the food was ok, so I was a little upset when my friend decided we should go there. Tonight was so much different. The food was all on one plate (love) I thought the "deconstructed" thing was a little lame. Then my server explained to me that David Adjey was no longer the chef and a new chef is creating this amazing food. We had the Tuna, which had amazing textures and the sole that looked amazing and tasted even better. I am not sure who the new chef is but the new Nectar menu is worth checking out.

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  1. Thank you for going. I posted a review a month ago and the chowhound team deleted it.

    I agree!

    1. I am happy to hear the deconstructed thing is gone! Last time I was there, it looked like it was all just put into small dishes with no thought behind it. I am interested to find out who the new chef is and now I have to go back and try His/Her food.
      Thanks peter

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        was doing up some research on and looks like Dan Cordeiro is the new chef at Nectar and he's been upgraded from sous chef after only one year.

        very curious to know how this all came about.


      2. Way too overpriced for what you get.

        1. Have only been during summerlicious, where they served tiny portions. Oysters were the size of a thumbnail. Steak was very flavourful, but the salmon was dry.
          But back to the tiny portions, when I mentioned to the manager that I was an event planner who was interested in the space, he apologized at length for the portion sized and invited me to come back to try their a la carte menu. I appreciate his effort, and would still consider holding events there, as the room is lovely, but my goodness, that was an unsatisfying meal!
          I was willing to add on a cheese plate after the mains, but they don't offer the a la carte menu during summerlicious, so you can't top up.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I think that experiences on Chowhound should be taken with good faith that the original poster is also in fact a Chowhound and has some idea of what they're talking about.
              Summerlicious is not a profit-making program for restaurants but a way to entice people to try restaurants they might not have and if a restaurant is skimping on portions or offering poor service it makes little sense since the customer would probably not be inclined to return.
              In any case there's no excuse for poor service just because it's Summerlicious. I've also eaten at Pangea, Wish, and Bymark and while they weren't incredibly large I found all the portions to reasonably constitute a 'full meal'...

              1. re: artificialard

                I agree completely. I probably will not return to Nectar on my own, the reason I would consider holding an event there is that there are few private dining rooms downtown that are the right size for my group that meet the requirements of having a beautiful space, interesting menu and name recognition.
                Also, there were no problems with the service, it was just the decision to skimp out on the portion size that was the problem. I think if they are ONLY doing summmerlicious, that would offer enough of a cost savings (as they don't have to order any other food, they know exactly how much to order, nothing goes to waste) that they wouldn't have to resort to disappointing the patrons.
                Anyway, just reporting on my own experience there, which will likely be my only one! : )