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May 27, 2006 02:28 PM

black camel 2nd location

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it's been a while so i've missed a lot of chow. seems like there's a lot of good eating ahead of me to get caught up with.

yesterday, while walking along adelaide near john st. much to my surprise and delight i spotted the black camel sign. even better, they were open! i only make it up to their davisville location once in a long while, so although i had plans to meet friends for dinner only hours later, i couldn't help myself and went in to get a sandwich.

they've only opened for about a week. it's just like their original location. great slow-cooked meat sandwiches, very tasty toppings, and great coffee. the best part is that this location has ample seating.

a nice addition to the 'hood. i was getting a little bored of burrito boyz. but i still have to check out hal's...


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  1. m
    Mid Town Wymmon

    Very pleased to read about the Camel's second location for I have dreams about their Brisket Sandwiches, and need a fix as often as possible!!!

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    1. re: Mid Town Wymmon
      peppermint pate

      Yup - they opened a couple of weeks ago. I remain a fan of their sandwiches since my original post last year. They're planning a third location in Liberty Village shortly.

    2. I went to the Adelaide location today and it's closed! There is a sign saying that one of the cooks from Black Camel will be opening (yet another) take-out offering wraps and soups.

      I went there last Wednesday and everything was fine and there was no sign of an impending closure.

      Anyone know what happened? I'm so sad. Black Camel was an amazing lunch find. It will be missed!

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      1. re: basileater

        As well I remember hearing that one was coming to Liberty Village. Anyone have any word on this?

        1. re: jamesm

          Didn't someone also mention a possible opening in Port Credit?

        2. re: basileater

          Wow. I'd never been to the Adelaide location. So out of the way, unless you work or happen to be in the area - sans car and zillion dollar parking. I've said it on other boards and I'll say it again - I absolutely LOVE the Rosedale location. Drooling just thinking about their sandwiches...

          1. re: basileater

            The location on Adelaide has been around for awhile, but mainly caters to the business lunch crowd. I kept trying to go there on a Saturday afternoon and I couldn't figure out why they were closed until I called one afternoon. Very strange...

            1. re: Ubervache

              I know, it was there for a while but I never went as it was just too out of the way (same with Burrito Boyz. I love it but hardly ever get there as it's not accessible unless you are clubbing or work around there).

              Check out the Rosedale stn. Black Camel - if you haven't already. So good.

              1. re: magic

                I work in the area so the Adelaide location was perfect (for the taste buds, I'm sure my arteries would beg to differ). I guess I'll have to make the trek up to Rosedale for my fix now!

                But if anyone gets word on why the Adelaide location closed please do tell.

          2. hey, i just looked on their website and it says " A terrific new contender for the best pulled pork in TO" -CHOWHOUND.COM
            just thought it was interesting..

            1. I never thought Adelaide was as good as the Rosedale location and -as mentioned above- the hours seemed pretty erratic. Crappy signage too; it just didn't have a very visible or inviting street presence..........

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              1. re: spigot

                The Adelaide location is finished. It was just too much of a hassle for them to constantly run back and forth between the two locations every day.

                I find that while the pulled pork is done pretty well, it's the angus brisket that's definitely the star of the show. Just a beautiful sangwich all around. Take their advice and try it with the bbq sauce, pesto, fontina cheese, and caramelised onions.

                1. re: spigot

                  I agree to the extreme. I am glad they found it necessary to close this location. Although the sandwiches were great, the owner was too cool to have a proper sign. I told a guy there how I had sent people to eat there a few times and driving along they couldnt find it. He said he heard that quite a bit but that the owner thinks everybody should know the place by the picture of the camel. Give me a break. As well, it was just weird to wait for your sandwich standing in the kitchen next to the guy making it. So much wrong with the place - it had to close. Sorry they didnt choose to fix the obvious problems instead.

                  1. re: deelicious

                    God, I'd forgotten that - you're right, standing next to the guy was awkward.

                    It's funny how much design/usability/wayfinding stuff influences the experience. Like, I always hated going to the Timothy's on Front beside the Convention Centre because it was so badly laid out - you had to line up, get your coffee, then fight your way BACK through the line to reach the condiment bar. And, the magazines were displayed in exactly the wrong places - tucked behind the coffee lineup, and also behind the lounging sofa area. Brilliant!

                    1. re: spigot

                      Sounds like you may have also noticed the ped flow in the new Fresh and Wild. Going down to the lower level when another person is coming up is beyond awkward! There is a free standing display that sits against the wall and blocks the necc space to pass people in the opposite direction. That display bugs me so much :) BUT, I highly recommend their packaged raw meatballs. Throw them on the BBQ and they are fantastic!

                      Does anybody know the seasoning or mix of meat used to get that unique almost pepperoni taste?

                2. I really like the food at the Black Camel, but I find it very expensive for what you get. When I spend $15 for a sandwich, a drink, and maybe a pastry, it bugs me to get up hungry.

                  I happened to be in the Rosedale Camel one day when they were talking about branching out. They were going to make everything at a commissary and distribute it to outposts around the city. They weren't going to franchise to keep it under closer control. But their original location is awkwardly designed. It is very hard to get to if you don't live or work in the immediate area. I think they just got (very) lucky with their original location, but don't really know how to run a well organized restaurant. Andy Barrie's plug on Metro Morning (that they made the best sandwich he had ever eaten) didn't hurt. I suspect they got carried away with their abilities and I hope this doesn't kill their original location also.