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May 24, 2006 09:46 PM

Tutti Matti -- report

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Just in from a fine evening at Tutti Matti, where we'd been for the first time last summer.

We started with the special antipasto platter, which was smaller than last summer's offering, but the three elements were impeccable: pecorino with fava beans, perfectly ripe figs with fennel salami, and a perfect Caprese salad (heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction).

We split pastas as our 'mains' -- fettucine con funghi (great pasta, but sauce a little lacking in 'oomph', even with black truffle paste and shaved white truffle atop) and pappardelle con stracotto (the clear winner - braised brisket in tomato sauce, with garlic and cherry tomatoes). They offer the option of splitting orders, so we each had our own portions (they'll do three for three as well). Added a side of garlic-sauteed spinach, which provided an ideal counterpoint.

Desserts were splendid: two freshly baked tarts -- a really lemony lemon confection with pine nuts, and an even nicer mascarpone/ricotta tart which I would happily eat every day for the rest of my life. Except it would kill me.

Excellent, professional service. Great wine list, too. Total after tax (before tip) $145.

After so many lacklustre dinners in recent weeks, we were delighted to reacquaint ourselves with this downtown gem.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been a tutti matti supporter since I went there for Summerlicious a year ago, and they did a fantastic job, even for a promotional event! I liked their food, and the service was wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience too.

    Keep it up, Tutti Matti!


    1. I ate at Tutti Matti about 3 weeks ago. I was very happy with the salad I ordered, that came with fava beans, bocconcini and tomatoes. Had a pasta with duck ragu that was tasty- although the duck was ground, and the duck flavour didn't really come through. The ground meat could've been veal or turkey, and it wouldn't have changed the sauce too much. I ordered some sort of fish (maybe striped bass) cooked in parchment, with garlic, and barley risotto. The barley risotto was delicious, but the fish was overcooked. It was tough and dry. I really enjoyed the rest of my meal- would suggest that if you go there, stick to the salads and starches, and stay away from the fish.

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        Anybody knowns where is Michele? I went for lunch twice in the last week but he was not there, i asked but they were out my question ...Strange

      2. I always say to my friends and family; "Tutti Matti" is the most consistent (and definately one of the best) bowls of pasta in Toronto. That's not to say they don't do the same level of justice to everything else they serve, its just that its hard to find a good bowl of pasta now based on what was good a few months ago (see Sotto Sotto's decline into mediocrity).

        Everything there is heavily Tuscan themed, although Alea (sorry if i mispelled it) ads her own touch to just about everything.

        If you want a great story, ask her about the time one of her former employees put a full, hot pot on the floor and forgot about it.....

        If you are a wine lover, they have a corkage policy that is very reasonable (and a great list).