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looking for something in the church and wellesley village

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I'm going for dinner with a friend tomorrow and she would like to go somewhere in the church and wellesley village.

She said she'd prefer sit outside, but that it's not a must.

We're reasonably frugal diners, so something in the $15-20 pp range.

The only place I frequent there is Hair of the Dog. Since I frequent it I was thinking it would be nice to try some place different.

We're very open on type of food too.

No seafood, but that's about the only limitation.

Looking forward to your suggestions...

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  1. You alredy mentioned Hair of the Dog, which is my favourite suggestion for the neighbourhood.

    The Churchmouse & Firkin is a good typical pub experience, but you might be looking for something more inspiring than that.

    Other than that, I find the food in the village to be somewhat lacking. Brownstone and Volo are both nearby, which are great, but not in the C & W neighbourhood. They're both on Yonge, north of Wellesley. A google map search will yield addresses for both.

    Avoid Zelda's for food, but go there for a drink afterwards.

    1. Not quite at Church but still just east of Yonge/Wellsley is Fire on the East Side. It has a nice patio and excellent food and ambiance.

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        thanks so much for the suggestion, i appreciate it. unfortunately i know that the person i'm going with is looking for somewhere right in the heart of the village, not somewhere in the vacinity.

        thanks again for trying though!

      2. Cafe California is doable... nothing awe inspiring to be sure but there is a patio and the food is decent.

        1. What about Slack Alice? Not sure of the price, but I've heard the food is very good. It's on Church above Wellesley.

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            I tried Slacks out a few weeks ago. Food wasn't bad but price was exorbitant for what we got.

          2. PJ Mellons is OK. Last time there I had the paella, which would have been good except for raw scallions (which I hate) in the rice. They don't have a patio as such but the front porch opens to the street in the summer. Appetizers + entree could be had for $20 pp, without drinks.

            1. Food at Church & Wellesley is famous for mediocrity. Recently though I've been happy to go to the Il Fornello there. The menu isn't so different from Il Fornello, but it's good, and the design of the place is beautiful. I've heard good things about Slacks (the new version of Slack Alice) though I haven't been yet. Byzantium used to very good although I haven't been there to eat in a long time. Also it tends to be pricier.

              1. I wanted to bring this post up again because I'm going to be eating in the area in a couple weeks; is Hair of the Dog still the top recommendation? Any others? It needs to be pretty close to C & W.

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                  Kaiseki Sakura


                  Forget the rest.

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                    I second KS and Fuzion, stay north of Wellsley. Slack's is pretty good too but was a bit inconsistant on the last visit.

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                      Fuzion is nice, but you won't be able to get out of there for $20/person (if that is a concern).

                      1. re: CuriousCat

                        What's wrong with BYZANTIUM???

                        Some of the best Martinis in the city, and pretty good food, I thought!

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                          $20 per person is necessary for me though based on the website, I'm thinking 3 times that is more like it (after all is said and done)--which is a little more than I wanted to pay. But I'm not counting it out...

                  2. I believe its called the Gooderham House. On Jarvis a block north of Wellseley was quite good (this is about 8 months ago) I remember it being quite expensive but I was being treated and so was allowed to splurge. Quite a big room but it was busy enough to have atmosphere but not overly crowded to hinder service in any way.

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                      The only places I'll eat at Church and Wellesley are Il Fornello which is my favourite, (they even have a menu only based on local ingredients and non-wheat based pizza crusts as an option and great pizzas), Omi which is one of the better Japanese restaurants in the city and Fuzion. Cafe California's food used to be good 10 years ago but the quality now just keeps going down hill. Byzantium is over priced for the quality of the food, but they do have a good martini selection (but you are going to eat not drink martini's)

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                        Have you been to Omi since the previous owner/chef left and is now a Japanese/Thai place?

                        1. re: Blueicus

                          I have - forget it

                          Its pretty mediocre, not even a shadow of what it was under John Lee. Its really a travesty that they should even keep the Omi name.

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                        I was under the impression that Gooderham House has reverted to its previous ownership and name - Angelini's.

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                          Responding to 2 year old post gets you two year old answers. Many places listed here are out of business altogether. New thread anyone?

                          1. re: Googs

                            I'm still trying to figure out the etiquette of starting new posts---I tried to look first and found this one--but then it gets all confusing since I was the one asking this time, not the original poster. Maybe next time I'll start a new post.

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                            Tried to google Angelini's but not much success--what street is it on?

                            1. re: Ediblethoughts

                              the website is: www.angelinirestaurant.com on 504 Jarvis St. at the corner of Cawthra, just north of Wellesley St. East.

                              The phone number is 416 922 2806

                              1. re: lonestartor

                                Angelini's is at Jarvis & Dundonald actually. I still never see people going in our out of the place.

                                1. re: Googs

                                  There is no such intersection as Jarvis and Dundonald and I can confirm this as I live a block away from Angelini's. Use google maps closer up and you will see that 504 Jarvis is at the intersection of Cawthra Sq. and Jarvis St. as I mentioned above.

                                  I can confirm though, that I see little activity about the place in the last long while really.

                                  1. re: lonestartor

                                    Oh crap, you're absolutely right. I forgot about Cawthra Square Park cutting Church St off from Jarvis if that makes any sense to you which I'm sure it does since you live in the 'hood and like myself have walked that walk.

                                    Yeah, it seems a ghost resto as does Fuzion most of the time. It's a wonder either are still around.

                                    1. re: Googs

                                      So maybe Byzantium after all then?

                                      1. re: Ediblethoughts

                                        Wow, now I know why something was off when I went into Omi a couple of weeks ago. I thought the menu and the food were different. I just thought t was an off night as my previous experiences had been good (over a year earlier)

                                            1. re: Ediblethoughts

                                              If you're bound to that intersection as you're visiting a friend's home I would suggest going to Cumbrae's for goodies. It isn't really DIY as much as it's heat & serve. Plenty of good choices that will make the best of your budget.

                                              If you must have a restaurant please let me know. I'm sure I can think of something else.

                                              1. re: Googs

                                                I'm with someone who can't walk too far and we'll be at that intersection. So I would like a restaurant that is less of a distance to walk than, say Yonge is from C & W.

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                                                  I think the closest your going to get to your budget would be the Il Fornello on the east side of Church just south of Wellesley.

                                                  It's been quite a while since I've been to Hair of the Dog so I can't really rec it reliably now. It's a very nice woody room as it was once was a high end steak joint. Dining is upstairs, though, which may fatigue your friend.

                                                  1. re: Googs

                                                    Good point on the upstairs part. That could pose a problem. I'll see how much energy my friend has. (I don't actually have a specific budget--that was in the post of the person who started the thread---though I admit I'm not really wanting to spend $50 per person for food..)

                                                    1. re: Ediblethoughts

                                                      Oh that was in your April 2nd post so it looked very much like you had a budget. That neighbourhood is loaded with overpriced and boring, bad restos with a couple of incredibly expensive, but some say worth it places so your request was challenging.

                                                      So how did you two make out?

                                                      1. re: Googs

                                                        Sorry, I should have typed "unnecessary for me"! Bad typo!

                                                        I haven't been yet--it's not for a couple weeks from now actually. I just knew a long time in advance that I'd be down there for an appointment and thought planning was good!

                                                        1. re: Ediblethoughts

                                                          I know this is a late report, but I did have dinner at Byzantium a couple of weeks ago when I was in town (Fire on the East Side was booked) and was pleasantly surprised. Meals were pretty decent for all of my group of seven, it wasn't Susur or Perigee, but decent.

                                                          However I want to give a shout out to the waitstaff and hostess. I ordered a fairly expensive bottle of wine that was completely corked, I mean undrinkable. When I pointed this out to the waiter the offending wine was removed and replaced with another with no complaint or fuss, simply a "right away sir" attitude. Now I know that this is what one should expect, but in this day and age one does not always get that kind of professionalism anymore and I would like to publicly acknowledge theirs.

                                        1. re: Googs

                                          I live a block above Angelini's and walk past it quite a bit in the evening and have hardly ever seen anyone go in or out of there. Nor do I know anyone that's ever been there under either the new or the old Gooderham incarnation. It looks like they have an excellent patio so it's on the to-do-list.

                                          Fuzion is jammed on the patio in the summer. It looks quiet now because people are inside but understand it's still fairly busy.

                                          1. re: abigllama

                                            Know it's above the price limit, but Bigliardi's grills a fine steak. Often overlooked in this 'hood.