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May 23, 2006 05:07 PM

looking for something in the church and wellesley village

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I'm going for dinner with a friend tomorrow and she would like to go somewhere in the church and wellesley village.

She said she'd prefer sit outside, but that it's not a must.

We're reasonably frugal diners, so something in the $15-20 pp range.

The only place I frequent there is Hair of the Dog. Since I frequent it I was thinking it would be nice to try some place different.

We're very open on type of food too.

No seafood, but that's about the only limitation.

Looking forward to your suggestions...

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  1. You alredy mentioned Hair of the Dog, which is my favourite suggestion for the neighbourhood.

    The Churchmouse & Firkin is a good typical pub experience, but you might be looking for something more inspiring than that.

    Other than that, I find the food in the village to be somewhat lacking. Brownstone and Volo are both nearby, which are great, but not in the C & W neighbourhood. They're both on Yonge, north of Wellesley. A google map search will yield addresses for both.

    Avoid Zelda's for food, but go there for a drink afterwards.

    1. Not quite at Church but still just east of Yonge/Wellsley is Fire on the East Side. It has a nice patio and excellent food and ambiance.

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        thanks so much for the suggestion, i appreciate it. unfortunately i know that the person i'm going with is looking for somewhere right in the heart of the village, not somewhere in the vacinity.

        thanks again for trying though!

      2. Cafe California is doable... nothing awe inspiring to be sure but there is a patio and the food is decent.

        1. What about Slack Alice? Not sure of the price, but I've heard the food is very good. It's on Church above Wellesley.

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            I tried Slacks out a few weeks ago. Food wasn't bad but price was exorbitant for what we got.

          2. PJ Mellons is OK. Last time there I had the paella, which would have been good except for raw scallions (which I hate) in the rice. They don't have a patio as such but the front porch opens to the street in the summer. Appetizers + entree could be had for $20 pp, without drinks.