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May 22, 2006 05:23 PM

Olive Oil from Barrels

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Hi everyone,

My mom caught the tail end of a news cast talking about a company that sells olive oil directly from the cask. The company relies only on farmers that they know. It's possible that the company is in Kitchener or Waterloo since that is where the newscast was from. Anyone know what company they were talking about?

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  1. I know there is a vendor at the Stockyards in Waterloo (Farmer's Market) that sells only olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. From what I recall, they do exactly what you describe, buy directly from a small number of farmers (in Greece I think). Not sure if there is any way to get it other than visiting the market.

    1. If you are closer to downtown TO, you might want to try Alex Farms. I recently discovered they have their own olive oil they bring in from Crete. Apparently it is pressed on some ancient press that has never seen chemicals etc., making it organic also. I didn't bother to ask whether it comes across in barrels or not, but I will next time I am in. .It is amazing stuff, and may be worth a try if it is high quality oil you are looking for. It comes in a plain green bottle, no label. I think they have a couple of different kinds.

      1. Yes, the company that you are referring to is from Kitchener.

        The olive oil is bottled under the "ralo" label, you can get more information off their website at

        My Mother-In-Law bought us some bottles of their olive oil and balsamic for our anniversary.

        It is truly outstanding oil with a rich, fruity not bitter taste at all. The color of it is amazing. Overall, it reminds me of the excellent olive oils I had in Spain.

        1. That's pricey oil. I've had perfectly acceptable premium oils that came in way under those prices. Wedding gift, indeed.