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May 21, 2006 08:18 PM

Omakase at Le Cafe Michi?

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Does anyone had omakase at Le Café Michi? What did you get and how many courses were there? How much per person?

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  1. I went a couple of weeks ago and it was $40/person. I guess the tuna was super fresh that day because it dominated most of the courses! Started off with thinly sliced barely seared tuna topped with a special sauce. Next was a small sashimi course with tuna and about two other kinds of fish. Then uni and ikura on rice which was excellent. I was really impressed by the quality of the sushi rice and the freshness of the uni. Then a nigiri course with tuna again, salmon, lobster, scallop and a few others I don't remember. Finally, an impressive spicy tuna roll which was incredibly filling. A small slice of cake finished off the meal nicely.

    All in all, the quality of the food was very good although I've had a wider selection of fish with the chirashi the last time I was there. I split one of the a la carte items along with an omakase with my companion so that worked out well.

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      Oh? $40/person? They must have raised their prices. I heard it was $35/person around Feb/March period.

      Please confirm pricing!

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        u can actually tell them how much u want to spend

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          OoooooooOoOoOoOoohh.. :) So, as an omakase virgin, what do I do, exactly? I'd REALLY like to try. Okay. So I'd walk in the door, and then I'll be seated. Then what? Do I look at the menu, and then an omakase menu would be there? Or there would be no menu because omakase, by definition, means I trust the chef, right? So then what do I tell the waiter/tress who comes to take down my order? And does omakase include drinks and dessert too?

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            Unlike most listed tasting menus, a set won't typically list what items are on omakase. I am not an expert on sushi places, but although it's probably best if you order omakase at the sushi bar, most of them will be more than happy to accomodate hapless foreigners (like us) and will probably do no offense by just asking for it while seated anywhere in the restaurant. Omakase doesn't include drinks and desserts are usually extra. And if Le Cafe Michi's omakase is in the 35-40 dollar range and in the Scarborough area, I gotta go and give it a try and report back :).

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              I went a couple of months ago with a friend and I have to admit that we were not impressed with the omakase (although the fish was good). We just seemed to be served the same iterations of fish (salmon, tuna, hamachi, squid, salmon roe, etc.) in different form (Nigiri, maki, sashimi, on rice). I certainly expected a more interesting variety of dishes, even if they weren't all using really expensive ingredients.

            2. re: jennjen

              Well u sit down and then you can talk to Chef Lin or Kaji if he's there and just ask for an omakase and tell him how much money you would like to spend.
              Sometimes they go overboard on your budget though but it's always good

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            When I went a few weeks back, we sat at one of the two two-person tables that are in the tiny enclosed sushi bar area. We asked the waitress about the omakase and she explained that it was $40. From her description, it didn't seem like the price was negotiable (as in making it less than the stated price) but I suppose you could give it a try.

        2. I finally got around to checking them out last night. The price has been bumped up to $45 (post it note hastily covering the old price on the menu, hehe). It was very good, I would return, although I do think they played it a bit safe. Perhaps if I sat by the bar, I would've had more input. My friend had already sat down at a table when I arrived. Oh well, there's always next time. The omakase included dessert & coffee btw.

          I did enjoy solo sushi-ya a bit more, but both are quality establisments.

          1. I went to Le Cafe Michi a few weeks ago and it was 45 dollars. Although the fish was quite fresh, I felt the items lacked a good deal of imagination or variety (Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Ikura on rice, Salad and slice of cake) or the same 5 or 6 fishes (primarily maguro, sake, and hamachi).

            1. I was at Le Cafe Michi a few weeks ago for lunch and had the cafe au lait chirashi. I've had it a few times before (while Lin-san was working) and totally loved it. Back then it was an amazing deal as it came with a salad with sashimi and this amazing citrus dressing, then a massive bowl of chirashi with really fresh fish, and a layer of unagi between the rice. However this last time we went the price went up, the salad was just a plain seaweed salad (delicious though), and the chirashi bowl was noticeably smaller. Quality was definitely not as good as before but the chef claimed that he's new to the maybe that's why. It was quite a disappointing experience so it's difficult to justify driving all the way to Scarborough just for that.

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              1. re: cutehinano

                how much is the cafe au lait chirashi?

                1. re: muffin03

                  If I remember correctly it's $28 for a salad, chirashi, and dessert.

              2. Has anyone been to Le Cafe Michi lately? How much is the omakase now? Still the same kind of stuff?