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May 19, 2006 03:39 PM

Leslie Jones

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Stopped in here today to find out what's happening. They are open from 10-6 for right now, but they do plan on opening for longer hours in the near future. Seems to be a casual dining place, they have a back patio as well as tables inside, and have applied for a liquor licence. They were very friendly and informative and quite happy to answer any questions. They gave me a menu, few examples---Jerk pulled pork with fresh mango salsa in a whole wheat pita---3 different pizzas and all day breakfasts that sound delicious. Sandwich and pizza prices are $7.00 I'm definitely looking forward to trying it out!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the update - useful for those of us who live in the 'hood...

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    1. re: jill

      so has anyone tried this place out? Reviews?

      1. re: professor plum

        I was walking by the other day, had read a good review of the place (Steven Davey in NOW—I should have known) and went in with a friend for dinner. We didn't get past the complementary chips and dip they brought us. The "chips" were the last crumbs from the bottom of whatever bag they'd been dumped from—not a single one was bigger than a thumbnail and they sat in a skiff of chip dust. The dip was completely inconsequential. It tasted like a Ziggy's brand babaghanouj and I'd be very suprised if that's not what it was. Which didn't put me in mind to spend money on dinner there. (If you can't get packaged chips and dip right you think I'm going to have any faith in the kitchen?) So we pulled the plug, paid for our two beers, thanked them and went to dinner at Fare Bistro down the road, which was better but also flawed.

        1. re: pimentdespelette

          I couldn't agree more. What is it with these restaurants in Leslieville. Totally overrated. Personally speaking I find them downright nasty, specifically Edward Levesque's and Tomi Kro. I would much rather go the extra distance and spend a few more bucks at somewhere like Pastis.

          1. re: pimentdespelette

            Whats up with the dis on Tomi Kro and Edward Levesque's? I'm pretty picky and I found both places to be very good.

          2. re: professor plum

            My experience there wasn't terrible, but totally forgettable. Service was warm and attentive, though. Unfortunately, I can't even remember what anybody had, so the food couldn't have been any good. I wouldn't recommend it.

            1. re: professor plum

              I stopped by in the fall for lunch because I wanted a pulled pork sandwich. We also tried the smoked salmon potato salad. We had friendly service and the food was quite nice especially given the price. I wouldn't go out of my way, but I would go back. I wish they would update their website though - I like to see menus before I try new places out, and they still have it as "coming soon". Sometimes I consider walking into places and offering to fix things like that for the cost of a dinner. Anyways, nice enough lunch in my experience, no idea about dinner.

              1. re: plainjane_to

                Plainjane raises such a good point: it would be so easy to fix some of these issues, yet so many restaurants in Toronto don't seem to understand the basic stuff.
                How hard is it to realize that dumping the crumbs from the chip bag onto a plate doesn't impress diners who are out to spend their money at your business?
                How hard would it be, when you're expecting diners to pay more than $30 a head, to at least try to make something that they probably haven't made at home or haven't already had at the food court in Eaton's Centre?
                Is it that there isn't good training for chefs and would-be restaurateurs? Is it that the people opening these places haven't eaten at restaurants that do it right? Is it that we're too willing to accept mediocre food and/or service?
                The two questions I ask most often when I leave a restaurant in this city are 1) why did this place even bother—there's nothing new or interesting or at all inspired about what they do, and 2) how do they stay in business?

          3. Went for dinner tonight for the first time - and likely the last. Though reservations were made, we were kept waiting for 15 minutes, which would have been bad enough if there was somewhere to stand, but the place was already cramped with tables and such. The two(!) wait staff seemed pleasant enough, but clearly overworked. Once seated, we waited for menus and then waited again for anyone to take our order. Our table of four was told at the outset that there was only one serving left of the soup, so we all ordered other appetizers. The jerk pulled pork sounded interesting enough that two of us ordered it. But after leaving with our orders, the waitress returned to tell us there was no pulled pork left at all. Alas we ordered the duck confit and the gnocchi instead. The appetizers were quite good but the main dishes were absolutely forgettable, and in places (braised beef) overcooked.

            Throughout the evening, people kept going out the back exit to have a smoke. Though the doors and windows were closed, the smell of smoke wafted into the overly warm restaurant.

            Once dinner was complete, the waitress came back to tell us that there were no desserts left... at all! Since we didn't want to end our conversations, we all ordered cappucinos. One would expect, at this point, that the restaurant would at least apologize for the folly of the evening and pay for our cappucinos. Nope. (This was later remedied by the suggestion from someone at our table that perhaps they could at least pay for our coffees given the number of problems we'd endured.)

            Just when you think the meal, and therefore the mishaps, had exhausted themselves, we gave the waitress our credit cards to pay for the comedy of errors and she told us with a completely straight face that they only accepted cash and there is a bank machine in the 7/11 a block west.

            Really, a funny night in all with inoffensive but completely unremarkable food. No reason to ever return... unless we're feeling like we could use a laugh.

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            1. re: Moonsammy

              Call it intuition but now I know why we never bothered to check the place out. What a disaster!!! Especially about only accepting cash.

              1. re: millygirl

                We went once, a year ago last summer, for brunch and I must say that, for a place in a 'hood that is crazy for brunch, they didn't really have any brunch-like
                items. What we did have was tasty, and the service was nice, but that's it. This past summer we tried to go back for brunch (having forgotten any details of our previous visit), looked at the menu and decided to keep moving. Met the owner outside & he seemed like a great guy...but I don't get what they're doing here! I just checked the website, and they've finally uploaded a menu, but under "events" they still have something listed from 2006. Can't believe they've been open that long!


                1. re: ostracario

                  When I clicked on the menu it only said coming soon? And what's with all the tee shirts and mugs for sale....yeesh!!!

                  1. re: millygirl

                    Somehow I got this when I looked for a menu:
                    But, when I went back later I got the same "coming soon" notice.
                    And this menu is for the owner's place on Caroline. Interesting.
                    I don't undertand this place at all.

                    1. re: millygirl

                      Duh...I hit the "catering" button. Ya, there STILL isn't a menu for the restaurant. How long have they been open? Odd way of running a restaurant. I can understand them wanting to catering as well, but if that's the reason that they're in business...why torture everyone else with their "restaurant" offerinngs? Bizarro!

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                Leslie Jones
                1182 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1L4, CA

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                1. re: JamieK

                  I must say Leslie Jones is hands down my favorite restaurant. A great mix of people, tasty food and great atmosphere.

                  I've been tons of times and haven't had any problems.