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May 19, 2006 10:05 AM

Kirby burger

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I'm heading up to the cottage this weekend and have always wondered about a place that I pass while driving on the 35/115 to Peterborough, called Kirby burger. I can see it from the highway but have no idea how to actually get there.

Just wondering if anyone has stopped in and if it's worth my time to try to find it today.


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  1. I stopped in there a few years ago when the daughter was a toddler, so that she could use the toilet. I had passed this place many times on our trips up to the cottage and was curious too. We just used the wash room. It looked like a dive inside. Never did try the burgers and probably won't. The condiments looked tired and old. However, having said that, it has been there forever, so they must be making money somehow. If you go, come back here and give a review. Am curious again.

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      When my kids were little, we stopped there occasionally on the way home from Toronto (we live not far from Peterborough). At that time the burgers were pretty good and the fries were home cut. I haven't eaten there for at least 10 years now so I don't know if it's changed - but from the look of the place I suspect it's gone downhill. Very scuzzy-looking, for sure. Stopped in their parking lot, however, to pick up some fireworks yesterday. There's one of those trucks there. You can get to it by exiting 115 just immediately before the burger place - you'll see a little road leading to it almost in front of the exit ramp.

      1. re: Nyleve

        It isn't what it used to be. It used to be a quality/homemade burger that developed a great reputation for being THE place to grab a bite after skiing at the Oshawa Ski Club. For the past 10 years or so, though, it has been complete and total crap. I don't know if ownership changed hands or what, but the change in quality/service was like night and day. I don't even consider it anymore, and being that I ski every single day of the ski season, they've lost a TON of business in which were once dedicated KB fans.

        SKIP IT.

    2. Sorry to say I was very disappointed with it. I expected a much better burger and fries. Even the kids weren't impressed. I prefer the truck stop in Bowmanville at 401/Waverley (Fifth wheel) over that.

      1. I heard lots of great tales, a la Webers, but was extremely disappointed in it. I'm a little worried what the kirby Sauce contained.
        Friends of mine who live in the area still laugh to this day that I ate there.

        1. What a blast from the past! I worked there throughout highschool (friends with original owners) as did most of my friends. It was great back in the early 90s when everything was made fresh on the premises. We'd have line-ups out the door all weekend in the summer. It certainly isn't what it used to be. And the Kirby Sauce isn't anything to be afraid of, depending on who made it!

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          1. re: Henrywatertail

            I stopped in about a year ago...the burger was homemade and tasty...certainly better than McDonalds....the fries were a bit soggy...nothing horrible but nothing great either.

            1. re: Finnegan

              I went to grade school with the owner's daughter, and it was the place to stop for burgers after skiing, but that was 20 plus years ago. I haven't been in ages and wonder if it's still owned by the Reids?

              1. re: jamesm

                No, Bill Reid sold the business a few years ago....not sure who is running it now, but I know for sure that it ain't Bill....shame too....a couple of times he had his own dill pickles there as well....damn they were good.

                1. re: Henrywatertail

                  For the past ten years (at least) KB has been operated by a family from eastern Europe (Yugoslavia). I talked to them in a line up at Costco, where they picked up ground beef and buns.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    Sorry to resurrect this but I had the unfortunate opportunity of eating at Kirby Burger.My SO insisted we stop there last weekend on the way home.He got the "extreme burger" which is cheese, bacon and kirby sauce. I thought It looked gross, he said it was ok. As I am a purist when it comes to bugers and they had a sign in the store that said the beef was freshly ground daily on premises.. I got mine plain. Now, normally I wouldn't flinch at an overdone burger, as i have come to accept that my SO loves crappy burger places, but this was ridiculous!!! Not overcooked.......burned beyond recognition. Truly inedible by any standard.

                    I also find it interesting to read jayt90's post about them buying the meat at costco as there is a fairly large diclaimer above the menu stating otherwise.

                    1. re: rayrayray

                      Hmmm, that could be a holdover from when Bill owned the place. I remember going in the back once and he was definitely grinding the meat. Ah those wacky Yugos, we are a weird and fascinating race...why not take advantage of details that worked in the past?

                      1. re: Lazar

                        My hubby and I stopped in last year, he said the same, that the burger had gone downhill, but was still satisfying. We've tried to stop in the past and can never tell when the place is open.