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May 17, 2006 11:32 PM

Soul Food - CLOSED

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Well I was all excited to try this place driving all the way from the west end of the city down Bloor St. But alas, much to my dissapointment a big stack of yellowed newspapers outside and a sign reading "SOUL FOOD IS CLOSED" indicated to me that this place is no longer.

Thought y'all should know before you made the jaunt over.

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  1. Its open again! Has anyone tried it?

    1. We tried it a day or 2 after it opened a few weeks ago. The food was excellent, the service pleasant, although a little slack. The only thing that bottered us was that the TV was on and a little loud as well. I would definately return. Very good value.

      1. Wow it opened & closed and opened again- I'd better get there & try it before they close again!

        1. Was this the place that was on Landsdowne north of Bloor? Is it in a new location? St. Lucia/Island food? If it's the same place I remember having a really good dinner there 2 years ago. Their salmon was really crappy (my fault, why would I order salmon at an Islands joint??!) but pretty much everything else was really good. Really nice service too, but yeah the atmosphere was a bit odd, a bit TOO casual. I'd go back though.

          1. I just called them—they assure me that in fact they are not closed. Open Tues through Sunday for dins; closed for lunch for the season, though.