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May 12, 2006 01:34 PM

5th element - any thoughts?

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has anyone tried the 5th element? It is where Sage used to be on Bay...

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    The Macallan 18

    Scarier than my neighbour's haunted house on Halloween! eeeeeeeekk!

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    1. re: The Macallan 18

      ? I am not sure what this means - I can handle scary if the food is good. When I walked by 5th Element on Wednesday morning there was still "construction" going on out front - looking inside it appeared the tables and bar were ready (tablecloths on the tables) but it did not look open for business.

      1. re: George W.

        would you happen to know the number or any info about the place..... I drove by there on thrusday and it seem to be open

        1. re: piero

          Web site below
          Not sure why it's tt, perhaps there is another business with just one t.


    2. yes i have - its always been a nicve place as far as decor - the food was really good and so was the service - the menu has an indian flavour to it - quite unique - its not traditinal indian food - just a hint to the dishes - its worth trynig and the price it very reasonable -

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      1. re: adam

        A story appears in the Star today about it being picked as an official restaurant for the Toronto Film Festival.

        1. re: Zengarden

          This means nothing -- Sotto Sotto, Sassafraz, Bristro 990 are also also on the Film Fest list but that doesn't mean I'll go to them... it just means that they can sell liquor till 4 am

          (Of course, to take nothing away from place, I've haven't been nor heard much about it..)

      2. Went today and had a great time. It is basically Indian fusion, which is new to me.

        Had the shrimp/scallop to start. The scallop was cooked perfectly, and it was coated in spices (I think there was some turmeric in there) that went very nicely with the sweetness of the meat.The shrimp was good, but perhaps a touch overcooked.

        I then had the lobster with mashed potatoes. The butterflied lobster tail was small but quite good. The only thing was that it got a little lost in the gravy (which was quite tasty, with a nice subtle Indian flavour).

        The desert was good, but nothing special. I had the peanut creme brulee.

        The service was excellent, with our waiter being friendly and polite, and the owner dropping by our table to see how we enjoyed our dinner. Today was the last day for the 2-for-1 promotion (including taxes and tips, the bill for two people came out to about $60!), but he mentioned that they will have a new promotion next week to go with a new set menu. You better believe that I'll be back!

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          1. Terrible. Service, food, and atmosphere. This restaurant is trying to be something it is certainly not.

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            1. re: szrah

              Well, I went back, and unfortunately I'm leaning towards agreeing with szrah. While I wouldn't call it terrible, it definitely wasn't like the first time. Service was very slow, the food was overcooked, the meats were of rather poor quality, and they seem to use the same sauces over and over. On the plus side, the prices were reasonable. It's such a shame, as their flavours were quite unique (the first time I went, anyway) and I thought they had a lot of potential.

              BTW, I also agree with szrah about the atmosphere. It's rather strange, but I can overlook it if they would get the rest of their act together.