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Duffs famous wings?

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Hey chowhounds
ever been to duffs famous wings? what do you think? Best wings in T.O? I am thinking of going there tonight.

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  1. I totally reccomend Duff's, nice and meaty, any level of heat you desire along with many other flavor options.

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    1. re: weekender

      Does Duff's have a website? I can't seem to find one. I just want to see a menu online. :)

        1. re: cat

          the honey garlic and spicy barbecue (not very spicy) are both very tasty ..
          the honey garlic has strong garlic flavours but leaves very little garlic breath ..
          the spicy barbecue sauce has a nice smokey, almost bacony flavour ..
          the armageddon wings, hottest wings on the menu, are deceptively spicy -- very little vinegrette (i.e not a typical sour/tart "wings sauce"), does not smell spicy either .. it's almost a chemical burn when it hits you ..

          1. re: moo

            thanks for the info...i will stay away from the armegeddon then! I like kinda spicey so i think i might go with the medium.

            1. re: cat

              I was disappointed when I went. All though the size of the wings (aka the bones) were big, there was not much meat on them. Also they were overcooked and dry... pretty astonishing for chicken wings!

              1. re: MC

                As far as "dry" and not "juicy", That is the way I like my wings... That is the way they used to be at the Sheaf many years ago. Yum!

                I am going to try these legendary wings myself after work tonight and post here to share my review!

                1. re: MC

                  Agreed, not meaty. The only thing I found unique about Duff's was the potential level of heat. Otherwise very ordinary bar wings. I expected more since that is their specialty and they don't really do anything else.

      1. I totally reccomend Duff's, nice and meaty, any level of heat you desire along with many other flavor options.

        1. Went to Duff's finally a few weeks ago 'cause I love wings! However, I was disappointed - their wings are slightly overcooked. I wouldn't go back. Sadly, Duff's is not memorable.

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          1. re: Food Tourist

            musta been an off night. i've eaten there several times and the wings have always been excellent. musta been an off-night, or an off-order...

          2. I love Duff's. Simply the best in TO. I don't know what the deal is with the posts about over cooked wings. I've never seen them. Anyway, a true Buffalo style chicken wing, right down to the size.


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            1. re: Davwud
              Food Tourist

              Definition of over-cooked: dry. Not juicy enough.

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                Agree with Food Tourist.
                I do not like the wings at Duff, over-cooked and rough. St. Louis is much better IMO (at least for the ones I go to).
                I know ppl say it is good, but for me, it is not.

            2. Read this thread for more opinions. Scroll further down for the most recent posts, as the thread started in 2004:


              I don't like Duffs at all, I much prefer Anchor Bar, read my comments in that thread,

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              1. re: TexSquared

                I was just talking to someone today, and reminiscing about how we would order from DoubleDouble just for the wings and wedges. I remember loooving them years ago, but not sure how they are now.

                1. re: TexSquared

                  much to vinegary for my taste.

                  all star wings and ribs (90 some odd flavours is my choice)

                2. Never been a fan of Duffs. The only thing they got going for them is size

                  St Louis' is much better

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                  1. re: superizzy

                    See I didn't even find them to be big, kinda small actually!

                    1. re: julesrules

                      Unless they've changed in the last couple months, I'd like to see what you consider a large wing then.


                      1. re: Davwud

                        I agree! I go to Duff's fairly frequently and often wonder how big the chicken these wings come from are! They are much larger wings than on the roasting birds I buy.

                        Also, I don't agree on the overcooked or dry comments. I have never experienced either of those faults. In fact, I like to order the wings well done to ensure crispy edges.

                  2. Are we all talking about the same place? I've been to Duffs many times (not by choice after the first few). They are better than many other wing places in Toronto and I'd rank them ahead of St Louis. But that's faint praise.

                    I've consistently found Duff's wings to be small, dry, not necessarily crisp, and drowned in sauce (which relieves the dryness - not in a good way - and eliminates any crispness). Without sauce, they are just boring. Their sauces are pitiful. Hot seems to taste only of salt and medium largely of vinegar. The "hotter than hot" sauces are just a boastful masochistic trip, since they numb the taste buds, but gotta love the accompanying sound effects.( I can't comment on the sweet ones, since I don't care for that style.)

                    It's easy to make your own and Duff''s can't compare. Get some air chilled wings of whatever size. Get a cheap electric deep fryer and don't overload it. Cook at about 350 in any decent oil (I use peanut) until they crisp up. This takes 6-10 minutes in my fryer. Mix some Franks hot sauce, melted butter, and salt to your personal taste. Voila - Buffalo style wings.

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                    1. re: embee

                      I wonder when was the last time people eat at Duff when they say it is good or the wing is small.

                      Duff was pretty good before. But the last time I ate there which was 3 months ago, wing is big but bad. I won't call that crispy, it is just hard edges. It is like they just pour lots of sauce which is overly sour on the wings and mix them up. Maybe it is getting better now ? Sorry if I offend your most favourite wing place but all my friends and family feel the same way.

                      1. re: embee

                        Yes, salt was the main flavour I got from my one and only Duff's experience. The wings were so overwhelmingly salty we found them inedible. When we informed the waitress that there was a problem she just shrugged and told us that it was their standard sauce. We ate the fries, left the wings, and went elsewhere for the second half of our dinner. Despite all the raves, I've been wary about trying again, not knowing which sauces I'd find palatable -- I don't enjoy sweet ones. Suggestions, anyone?

                        1. re: betsy

                          I agree... all the hype about Duffs is just that. They make half-decent buffalo-style wings which are not half as good as virtually any wing or pizza-place in western New York.
                          Always overcooked and stringy, WAY too much sauce that forces me to leave the last few wings,drowned and water-logged, behind.
                          Plus miserable service with a rush-rush-rush attitude, even when it's not wing-night and the place is half-full.
                          Decent, yes.
                          Amazing, no.
                          I'm still looking for great buffalo wings in TO, and enjoying my regular pilgrimage to Buffalo, Niagara Falls NY, Corning, etc.