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May 11, 2006 09:35 PM


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My daughter is visiting and wants to find some delicious roti here. Any ideas?

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  1. ghandi
    maroli and have some of their vindaloo too!

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      1. Definitely Gandhi (Queen & Bathurst) for amazing takeout roti. I haven't had one there I didn't like. It may seem expensive, but it's freshly made, and perfect to share.

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        1. re: xtal

          I may be in the minority, but I was sorely disappointed with Gandhi. The saag paneer was terrible and the roti was too thin and boring to be newsworthy. I really don't understand the hype.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            That's shocking to me! Whenever we crave Indian due to lack of Indian delivery in our hood, we pick up from Ghandi (every month or so). We always get the saag paneer (with rice) and it is consistantly green and flavourful. I've never had problems with their roti either. My favourite roti fillings there are the butter chicken and the korma.

            I'd say try again - it must have been a bad day. Not an excuse, but it does happen to the best of us!

            1. re: Delish

              I thnk Ghandhi really doesnt live up to the hype. It was a good bargain when they were still $4-7 a roti, but the new prices are just plain wrong. I hadnt been there in years and went last weekend, and was surprised to pay $13.95 + tax for a butter chicken roti. For that price I can have much more flavourful butter chicken and a naan at the host, nataraj, or trimurti. Also, it took 20 min to prepare. Same as if I got takeout from any of hte above restaurants.

        2. island foods soooooo good (i've only been to the one on mccaul, but i assume all of them are good)


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          1. re: mainja

            How are prices at Island Foods? They dont have prices on their menus there at the website.

            1. re: jennjen

              i don't remember specifically, but i remember it seeming reasonable. cheaper for the channa and the bone-in roti. i paid the extra to get the boneless chicken breast roti, i have a vague feeling that it was $6.50, but I could be way off.

          2. Definitely Island Foods.
            One of the best west indian rotis in the city.
            You can find them at Dundas and McCaul or at King & Dufferin.

            Prices - for a boneless chicken roti -- $6-7 with taxes

            Ghandi is more of a east indian roti style -- large portions -- not my flavour of choice


            1. Bacchus Roti on Queen is delicious west indian (trini) style - otherwise, of course, I'd have to vouch for Ghandi for east indian as well they are the best.

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                1. re: dannyboy

                  Actually, I though Bacchus was Bajan! Ali's which is close is also great. I have many a west indian friend who will only go to carribean roti palace on Bathurst, south of Bloor and I have tasted it for myself and its great!