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May 10, 2006 06:22 AM


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I thought that Luce was a great restaurant and it's a shame that it has been sold.
What do you guys think about Luce? and are there any other alternatives to Luce serving the same style of food in Toronto?

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  1. Luce has been sold already? Wow, I thought hte Rubino brothers (Rain) were having fun with Luce. Maybe a new project is in the works?

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      Luce was overpriced and never, ever full...I hope the new owners will be able to do something better with the place

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I am not sure "sold" is the right word, I believe the Germain Group who own the hotel took it back - but I suspect there is a lot more to the story. The Germain Group's Auberge Hatley in Quebec burned down in March and will not be re-opened so Germain had a few people they could move into Chez Victor (the replacement for Luce).

        1. It was sold - the space but not the name. The Germain couldn't just "take it back" although I'm sure they would have loved to. The Rubinos had a 20 year lease and a couple of years ago when the hotel tried to break it they lost in court. It was in all the reviews when the restaurant first opened. Chato summed it up in his blog

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            Sorry, I am not a lawyer and I wasn't trying to deflate the issue you raised, I simply did not think "sold" was the correct word. I didn't mean to suggest Germain did not pay to take it back but if the Rubino's were leasing the space from Germain and did not own it, I did not understand how they could sell it back to Germain.