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May 9, 2006 12:09 AM

Best Jerk Chicken?

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Went to a place called Peppers on Dufferin (east side) just north of Lawrence. It was $8.50 including tax for the large order of jerk chicken on rice. I felt it was a good value considering the size. The chicken was well spiced and juicy. However, I feel there must be better out there...

Anyone have any recommendations? North York area preferred.

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  1. I've had jerk all over the GTA and my nod goes to the Mr. Jerk in the Walmart Plaza at Lawrence and Keele. Perfect spicing and succulent chicken. Give it a try and please report back.

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    1. re: rob

      How are prices at Mr. Jerk at Walmart Plaza at Lawrence and Keele? I live pretty far from that, you see, I kinda wanna know all about it before heading that way. Is it a fast food joint, or a sitdown restaurant?

      1. re: jennjen

        Definatly take-out but worth the drive. I skip the rice and beans and just go for chicken, sometimes a bowl of chicken soup with dumplings and always a couple of patties. Chicken is about $8.00/half and $14.00/whole. Not cheap but the chickens are pretty large and the jerk can't be beat. This location is owned by a pair of asian sisters, and they really take pride in their food. They make a wicked homemade hot sauce that goes great with the chicken. Give it a try and report back.

        1. re: rob

          After reading this I decided to give Mr. Jerk a try. Nice plaza! I kept my car running.Lol.

          The chicken was so dry that I cannot understand how anyone can enjoy the jerk from this place. I will continue my search as well.

          1. re: bjinyyz

            Agreed... though the jerk chicken @ Walmart Plaza on Keele/Lawrence is passable if you have no other choices...

            the dryness of the chicken and the fact it taste like they overuse msg/preservatives doesn't help too much..

            Mr Jerk in St Jamestown (near Regent Park + Cabbagetown) is better. Especially their tangy-sweet bbq flavoured chicken.

            1. re: Mike Tyson

              The jerk pork is very good, both at the Peanut Plaza location and on Eglinton W. (whew--almost wrote EglinGton by accident). Tuesdays, at the Eg. W. location, you can get a small jerk pork dinner--rice and peas, slaw and awesome habanero peppa sauce) for $3.99. Lots of juicy, jerky pork.

              1. re: Yongeman

                I second the rec for the jerk pork at Eglinton West location. The man is so nice there too. I used to go to the Wellesley one all the time when I lived downtown. I'm so happy there's a location near my new house so I can get my jerk pork fix!

                1. re: Yongeman

                  cool.. heard the Eglinton locations have good sour dough bread to serve w/the jerk too...

          2. re: jennjen

            You wouldn't sit down there to eat unless you're starving or homeless; However, their JERK PORK is top notch, never had better. I can't comment on the chicken because the pork was to good not to order every time I go there.

            1. re: Movement

              I wouldn't totally agree with that..

              I mean sure the stool area for sit-in's might not be "date night" material but... it DOES provide you with privacy from window shopper eyes (given the fact it hides you beind the fridge that holds the beverages lol)

              kinda crampy though haha.

              Good if you just want to sit down by yourself and have a quick (or long) lunch to yourself... that is if others don't show up to crowd you lol.

        2. I want to try that place that was recently featured on restaurant makover called first class delights - the gal on the show said the jerk was top notch. Otherwise I goto Alberts or the Irie spot on queen w. I'd love to know a killer standout spot as well if anyone knows one.

          1. I will try out Mr. Jerk although I have heard mixed reviews about it. Today I tried a place called Lee's Island Flavour (756 Wilson Avenue, West of Dufferin). I would say it was slightly better than Pepper's. The chicken came with some sort of sauce on top making it more juicy - which was a plus. About the same price ($7 for small with rice). I am not sure if other places put a sauce on their chicken though.

            Anyone else with suggestions?

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            1. re: Gil

              Trust me Lee's Island Flavour is nasty. Not the taste but the sanitation. I bought some curry goat from them once and found a lot of hair hidden between meat and bone. I think there was spit too.

              You guys want to try good Jerk? I heard a lot of good things about "Mr. Jerk" down on Wellesley. In the heart of Regent Park. St Jamestown to be more exact. Anyone ever ate here? what you think?

              1. re: Mike Tyson

                I have had the jerk pork and its pretty good and very cheap! Same with the chicken!

                1. re: Mike Tyson

                  I love Mr Jerk in st jamestown. I recently moved from the area and it's what I miss most. Just found out though, that they deliver to my area. Just made my day. Love them. Never had anything but their jerk chicken, rice, beans and plantain. I've heard their patties are good too, but I can never order anything but the chicken, so damn gooooooood. Best to leave the gracy for the rice, if you don't want the spice heat turned down. I find the gravy interferes with the heat of the chicken which is perfect for me.

                  1. re: jerkBoi

                    yeah not a fan of gravy either..

                    whenever I order curry chicken/goat or oxtail from a Caribbean restaurant, I often order it with white rice, veggies and with little gravy as possible.

                    Notice how oxtail or curry dishes taste great white rice also?

                    Rice and peas taste very good with jerk I noticed... Meh it probably taste good with white rice too.

                    Hell anything and everything can taste good with either white rice or rice/peas.

              2. Soul Food, north of Bloor on the west side of Lansdowne, across from the big empty lot that used to be the TTC barns. An unlikely location, to be sure. But it's been received pretty well critically, four starts from Now mag (for what that's worth) if I recall. Best jerk I've had in awhile... ever since that perfect jerk I got (but only once) from the OLD Irie on College east of Ossington. Really nice fella runs the joint, too.


                1. The jerk chicken at Scarlet Ibis is my favourite. On O'Connor just west of Victoria Park in Scarborough. Buffet lunch during the weekdays, jerk chicken in the buffet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or you can order it straight from the menu.

                  Report back!


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                  1. re: Omar

                    that's funny - i drive past Scarlet Ibis twice a day, 3 days a week. never ever would i have thought to stop off there. i should check it out on my way home one day (probably a wednesday)