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May 7, 2006 10:22 PM

Best Burgers (and sweet potato fries)

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Looking for the tastiest "homemade" burgers in GTA...

Just tried Yellow Griffin on Bloor West - their turkey burger is overseasoned and I had to give up before finishing it. The flavouring definitely overpowered the Calypso toppings I selected. Lamb burger was also strongly-flavoured but decent. Toppings (Calypso and Valentine) were good as were the tasty roasted red pepper and curry dips. Definitely the crispiest and thinnest sweet potato fries around (though not 'homemade' and lacking in flavour, sadly) and yummy thick onion rings.

Allen's on Danforth makes a delicious beef burger - small in diameter but done perfectly to order (although they did mix up our burgers). $8.50 includes burger and choice of cheese with the usual toppings (tomato, pickle, onion, lettuce). For extra $, plate of sweet potato fries (served with sour cream - not an inspired pairing) proved surprisingly crunchy on the outside though tended to be a little soft. (Would have been nice for the server to tell us that the burgers didn't come with fries before he delivered them, however.)

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  1. Tried Yellow Griffin for the first time this weekend. I had the lamb and I thought it lacked flavour but I will agree that the toppings were good, though a little messy because they were cut rather large and didn't always want to stay in between the buns.
    The poutine was not impressive because the gravy didn't taste that good and the curds were in a large blob and weren't small and squeaky.

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    1. re: Negaduck
      Bloor Westerner

      I like the Griffen burger the one time I tried it...but the place is a disaster...service is pathetic...too many problems to go into...lets just say the service was about as bad as I have ever had...

      Bryden's down the street has a good burger with much better is homemade and very flavourfull...I do find it a bit big for me...1/2 a pound I think...the fries are good & home-cut too...but I think the sweet potato fries are same as the Griffen...but the blueberry & mustard infused mayo dip for them is good...

      1. re: Bloor Westerner

        For the west end, I have to say my favourite burger is from the Grillway. It's a little mom&pop type shop at the corner of Runnymede and Annette. Homemade patties, big, juicy. They are a favourite lazy night treat of mine. I don't think they have sweet potato fries, and if they did I would imagine they would be prepackaged ones.

        I agree, the service at the Yellow Griffen isn't great, and while the burgers aren't always amazing, it is fun trying the different options.

        1. re: Katie
          Food Tourist

          I've been wanting to try the "AAA Angus beef homemade burgers" at Grillway! Although in my experience, even Harvey's has Angus beef and it's pretty tasteless. Is the Grillway burger really tasty?

          1. re: Food Tourist

            do you really think your getting angus beef from harvey's. I dont deny its an ingredient, but its most likely on the bottom of the list. Most of the big chains are seriously processed, and have the texture of biting into a sponge.

        2. re: Bloor Westerner

          I thought I just went on an off day but I guess the service is always that bad.

          1. re: Bloor Westerner

            Also on the BWV strip - the sweet potato fries at Dr. Generosity are amazing, and come with a yummy maple syrup infused cream dipping sauce. I haven't tried the burgers, but the rest of the food is pretty good there too.

        3. It's not in Toronto but Three Coins in Richmond Hill had the best burger I've ever had outside my own back yard. The place is right on Yonge in the heart of RH but has changed hands since last I ate there. I'm leary of trying it now. They do fry their burgers but don't let that scare you. Absolutely fantastic. Huge too. No side either. But you don't need it.