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Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

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I moved here recently and live at Woodbine & Danforth. I'm looking for places that are decent (i.e. edible - -doesn't even have to be fancy!) in the immediate neighborhood. Any ideas?

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  1. Immediately at Woodbine and Danforth is Relish... recently reveiwed on this board.

    1. Besides Relish there is also Lee's Thai Spring Rolls (corner of Bastedo - closer to Coxwell on Danforth) and Europe Planet on the north side of Danforth makes decent pasta and pizza, although one chef is way better than the other one. If you order take-out add 10-15 minutes onto whatever time they quote for pick up.
      Gerrard Pizza at Coxwell and Danforth is also good, and Ethiopian Village is a little tiny very strange and tasty hole in the wall Ethiopian restaurant just east of Woodbine (it's like being in someone's living room/spice shop/video rental outlet).
      Closer to Main St is Duckworth's fish and chips.
      Until the Venti effect kicks in and we get a Starbuck's I like to go to Seb's (Danforth and East Lynn) for capuccino and gelati.
      You can also search this board for Djerba La Douce which is west of Coxwell and tasty but slow.

      1. Oh I forgot, for a classic greasy spoon breakfast there is the Terminal Restaurant (behind the Coxwell subway station) and for a nicer brunch there is Three's Company which is Danforth and Lamb (closer to Greenwood). The food at Sarah's (corner of Monarch Park)is awful but they have a good drink selection.

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          Go to the Terminal if you want mechanically separated meat in your club house sandwich, or if you want to pay 3 times the price for the same thing you would get at Sunset two doors down.

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            Has the Terminal changed hands AGAIN? Hadn't been for a while but I recently notices new banquettes, tables and new paint and fixtures in the washrooms.

          2. Ten Feet Tall at Danforth near Greenwood. Quirky and fun, with a decent menu and good beers. Better than Sarah's for food, by a mile.

            1. Check out El Sol for great Mexican food. I went about a month ago on a Friday night and it was packed, so make a reservation on the weekends.

              1. All the places mentioned I agree with and I take a DEFINITE pass on Sarah's. I'm not going back to abuse myself for a third time.

                The only place that has not been mentioned so far is Bibiche Bistro, just east of Linsmore. Decent presentation and portion, good service, great value.

                Also I've been to Havana Feelings a couple of times, tho I find their prices dear for the neighborhood.

                1. I'm not sure why more people don't talk about BIBICHE BISTRO. The decor could use an update, but the food is amazing & the guys who own the place are amazing! I always have the pecan chicken when I go, but they also have wonderful garlic shrimps & their caesar salad is to die for!!

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                    I have reviewed Bibiche Bistro on this board several times, and the impression I got was that only neighbourhood people really know about it.

                    But I have to agree. It's an unusual sort of palce that seems stuck in the 80's (decor etc.), but the prices are amazing, the portions huge and the quality is top notch. I had frogs legs the last time I was here and they were the best I've had. Everything has a sort of Cajun influence...And they do pay close attention to seasonal offerings, as well as make their own amazing desserts.

                    And also can't say enough about the guys that run the place.

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                      Has it already moved to Queen Street?

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                        Bibiche hasn't moved yet. They're still open in their current location for a few weeks but will be opening in the Beach shortly thereafter. It's where Otabe used to be -
                        2326 Queen St. East, on the north side, just before the Neville Park loop. Cute little
                        space. Now there's a reason to go the the Beach!

                  2. if your any type of foodie, I would skip Bibiche and El Sol. Not what they used to be, not by a long shot. Also agree with assessment of Sarah's - better left as a casual watering hole rather than an eatery. And Lee's Thai Spring Roll is now closer to Greenwood, BTW, and had better be avoided at all costs. I don't know if anyone's mentioned Melanie's Bistro, but that apparently disappoints as well.

                    Too bad for the area as there is a good demographic here that seems to go elsewhere to get their culinary fix.

                    If you are looking to come that far west, try Ten Feet Tall (good all-around), any one of the myriad Ethiopian places (for price), or Jean's Vegetarian (for taste).

                    1. Also to point out Europe Planet is now Quattro Ragazze but still worth a visit.

                      1. Since there's been quite a few mention of places near Coxwell, I'd throw in Djerba la Douce (Moroccan) as well. It's not licenced, and you have to be patient with the service, but the food is worth the wait IMHO.

                        I'll also echo the thoughts about Sarah's dinner entrees. I'm happy to visit for drinks and/or weekend brunch, but I'd stay away from there for dinner.

                        Djerba la Douce
                        1475 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1N5, CA

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                          I'd even think twice about doing brunch there.

                          They do have a nice beer selection.

                        2. Lest we forget Columbo's! The best darned sandwiches (veal or chicken parm) around. Their rice ball is also a treat (and cheap, too!).
                          I also like the new Shwarma place at main/danforth.

                          1. Not sure if this suggestion is too far west but at Danforth and Pape I highly recommend "Pan" on the Danforth. Prices are reasonable for what you get.
                            I usually get the Chicken Breast with the button mushroom rosemary sauce. Their mussels and calamari are also great appetizers.
                            I just can't get enough of this place. Great service too!

                            1. How about Melanie's Bistro just across fromt East Lynn Park - reliable and delicious.

                              Also our go to favourite is by main & danforth - Bistro camino - decor is meh - but great little neighborhood place

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                                Melanie's Bistro offers 2 course dinner (main with app. or dessert) for $20 on Tues. Excellent value.

                              2. I live in the area and Melanie's and Relish are about all we've found in the area that are good. Columbo's Pizza does a decent sandwich and pizza. There's a new bakery that opened recently at Woodbine and Danforth (can't remember the name) that's pretty decent and does hot food specials, but I've only gone there a few times.

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                                  I think that bakery might be Cozy Cafe. I go often for their excellent lunch specials and delicious soups. All made in-store by the very friendly Serbian ladies. Yum!

                                2. Quattro Ragazze - Italian
                                  Happy Sushi
                                  Sandy's (fast/cheap Chinese-Canadian)
                                  There is also a fish and chips place east of Woodbine on the north side of the danny, which I don't recall the name of, but they give great portions and decent taste (that's about it).

                                  A little further away:

                                  Last Drop Cafe (nice cafe drinks, decent sandwiches, etc.) @ Sammon / Coxwell
                                  Karma Cafe (Coxwell south of O'Connor)
                                  Pineapple Legend (Vietnames/Thai) @ Coxwell south of O'Connor, there is also a Thai place across the street that my wife prefers to this place that has great lunch specials....
                                  Eden (Chinese lunch special $2.75) @ Coxwell south of O'Connor
                                  Ali Baba (Pakistani/Indian) Coxwell and Gerrard, this place absolutely rocks.

                                  Don't go to the terminal place @ Coxwell/Danny for breakfast, IMO it's terribad and overpriced. Go next door to Sunset for a way better meal.

                                  Last Drop
                                  549 Sammon Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

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                                    Pineapple Legend has closed and re-opened as Little Coxwell Restaurant. Looks like the same menu and owners. I prefer the Thai place across the street (I believe it is called Thai Fusion). They have a better menu selection. Little Coxwell seems more like a Vietnamese place with a couple of Thai dishes. I hope they actually dump the Thai dishes and go completely Vietnamese.

                                    Thai Fusion Restaurant
                                    969 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4C3G4, CA

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                                      My wife also prefers Thai Fusion, but I like having the Vietnamese coffees @ Coxwell Restaurant and I simply love the way they make their Pork Chops, I could go Homer Simpson on them all day.

                                      Thai Fusion Restaurant
                                      969 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4C3G4, CA

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                                        I'm a big fan of Thai Fusion as well.

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                                          Agreed on dumping the Thai stuff. Their Pho as take-out is pretty darned tasty!

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                                            There is a review of Little Coxwell up. It sounds pretty good. Nice to have two good Asian places (it and Thai Fusion) across the street from each other!

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                                              Do you have a link to the review?

                                        2. Has anyone recommended Dukem yet. It is closer to Donlands but it is worth the trip for amazing Ethiopian food.

                                          950 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L9, CA