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May 2, 2006 10:58 AM

Wedding Reception @ Canoe

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Are there recommendations for Canoe for its private functions? Based on the previous postings, I can tell people like it in general - that's good news. But I would love to hear from people who have either hosted an event there or been to one. We are seriously considering it as one of the places we would like to hold our wedding & reception. Any insight would be appreciated.

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  1. I've only done corporate functions there, mostly lunches but we've always had great service and food. Of course we pay top dollar and would expect good food and service at the very least
    One thing I like about Canoe (and Biffs) is they can accomodate change well i.e. time shift in meal service, more bodies, unusual wine/food requests etc.

    1. My company holds a yearly cocktail party at Canoe in their private rooms. We always book both private rooms, which open up into one another, and it has capacity for 100 standing, though it can get quite crowded when nearing 100.

      Service has always been great - both bar and wait staff. The view is obviously spectacular. Food, which for us is always strictly hors d'oeuvres, is above average.

      My only concern would be the size of your guestlist and booking enough of Canoe to hold everyone comfortably. I wonder if you could rent out the bar area, which from what I can tell opens up into the other two private spaces, which would make for a lot of room and a really nice bar versus the "temporary" stations they set up when the private rooms are closed off.

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        I apologize, I just re-read the subject and realized you were inquiring about a full blown reception.. so a lot of what I said probably doesn't apply anymore ;)

      2. I attended a wedding reception at Canoe and would have to say I was totally unimpressed. I assume that the regular crew gets replaced with a catering crew with a totally different chef. The food (all of it) was sub par and would rank as some of the worst food I have had in a restaurant.

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          really? You can't leave a message like that and not give me more details! How large was the occasion? Was there open bar? please, do tell!

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            Probably about 60-70 people with bar service. A few yesrs back. Service was perfectly fine and a very nice ambience. Food (filet) was overcooked and tasteless and some of the seafood Hor D'ouvres tasted "past their prime". Perhaps an off night given other feedback.

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              Thanks - I will ask the planner if the chef & kitchen staff & servers are regular Canoe employees or if this is outsourced.

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                A vast majority of restaurants don't "outsource" cooks and servers for functions... it makes no sense at all, especially at a place that does as many large groups and parties as Canoe. At most they have a separate group of cooks working on these things. (Boy, talk about digging up an old thread)

        2. I had my wedding ceremony and reception at Canoe about 7 years ago and although I'm biased, I thought they did a fantastic job. We had about 90 people with the ceremony taking place in the back private room, cocktails and finger food in the bar, and dinner and dancing in the main room. They cleared the upper level of the dining room for a dance floor. The food was excellent and we still get comments on our wedding from our friends who say it was the best wedding they ever attended. Perhaps things have changed in the past few years, but based on my experience I would highly recommend it.

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          1. re: Kate1

            kate1, that sounds fantastic! The comments posted on this board have sparked some questions for me to ask the planner when I meet with her.

            Can i ask you a specific question about your bar budget? Did it spiral out of control? That has been the one big warning brides everywhere have given me.

            1. re: AC

              When we booked our wedding, Canoe offered to remove all liquor from the bar that was more than $x per drink (I think it was $10 at the time). So that helped. We also arranged to bring our own wine for the pre-dinner bar service and they just charged us corkage for those bottles.

              However, as I recall, the alcohol bill including pre and post dinner drinks as well as wine etc served with dinner for our event over 7 years ago was still about $10k - a bit more than half the bill, I think. We did get comments from some guests that the minute they put down a drink it was whisked away so they had to get another one, but I don't know how much that actually happened.

              When we booked, the restaurant would not cap the total liquor charge by hour or number of guests. That may have changed, but I doubt it. You could always ask.

              I don't think that anyone ever got married at Canoe in order to save money. However, I loved every minute of our time there and definitely don't regret it.

              1. re: Kate1

                Thanks Kate1. I know that Canoe isn't exactly a budget location, but we need to be informed. If we can afford it, we want to do it!

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                  We are getting married at Canoe in about a year and a half. We have had trouble finding pics of the decor or theme. Wondering if you have pics online that I could view.
                  FYI - They are doing a reno in January 2010.
                  Thanks for your help!!

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              kasey miller

              I've been to several private receptions at Canoe, one engagement party. The food at the engagement party was delicious, including the mashed potato bar. Highly reccomend.