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May 2, 2006 10:17 AM

Brimley & Sheppard - Food Court type building

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I know that there a building near Brimley & Sheppard, South side of Sheppard & East of Brimley, where there are a few food courts.

They are all South East Asian restaurants.

Any recommendations for cheap and good food here???

It is located behind an office type building and was recommended to us by someone who works in that building.


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    Wandering Foodie

    The one with Gourmet Garden? If so, I recommend the chow kway teow and the prawn noodle (only available on weekends, ask for a mix of the vermicelli and the yellow thick noodle). They use to be more authentic but now they've changed it either because of food costs or to adapt to the western palatte. I still go back for my fix every now and then.

    Also, opposite GG, on the north side of Sheppard, there's Rex Saigon buffet which has nasi lemak in banana leaf and Penang curry laksa (not available every day). The quality is "okay" (but that's because I'm really picky on my south east asian food) but considering it's a buffet joint, I would say it's damn good for the price ($8/$10 lunch weekday/weekend).

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      Here's a link for restaurants in the Brimley/Sheppard area:


    2. I know this foodcourt - it is in the 4655 Sheppard Ave building.

      Any recommendations???

      1. The food court that Gourmet Garden is located has a pretty good char siew (Cantonese BBQ pork) place too. As for GG, our personal favourites are Nasi Goreng (Spicy Fried Rice), Penang Char Kway Teow (hold the sotong or squid/eraser) and Poh Piah (cold spring rolls). The Laksa is not bad, but I find the Mee Siam strange, its got sweet and sour sauce masquerading for Mee Siam gravy.
        I believe the current owner used to work there for years before buying the business from the original owner 2 or 3 years ago.

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          Are you talking about the malaysian/singaporean take out place?

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            Yes, chowgal, Gourmet Garden is the Malaysian/Singaporean place. We usually call ahead as sometimes the wait can be a little long. I believe its closed on Tuesday but I'm not 100% sure.

        2. We take out set dinners or fried noodles from the Super Taste stall. All of it is good.

          The curry is good from the middle store (the malaysian/singapore place)...but a bit expensive.

          1. Their poh pia is good. We usually order dinner set. The wife,if not mistaken,is from Ipoh and the husband is from Semarang,Indonesia. We tried their ayam percik before but it's a let down. Our favourite is still kang kung belacan,sambal fish and char koay teow