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Apr 30, 2006 12:08 PM

allen's on the danforth

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anyone been? ...and?

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  1. Godd selection of beer and irish whiskey. Noce patio. Expensive food that is, IMHO, not worth it.

    1. For a drink ... o.k.
      But the food is dreadful. Spend your hard earned cash elsewhere..... alas, that "elsewhere" is becoming more and more elusive.... it may turn out to be your own home.

      1. I've heard this before, about lousy food. I have had very good fish and chips there -- haven't tried anything else.

        1. Has a great patio out back, one of the best in the city. Good selection of beer and wine. The food is ok, but ridiculously overpriced for what you get. Go for a couple drinks on the patio but eat elsewhere.

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            Food Tourist

            I disagree with the previous posts re the food at Allen's. Although a bit pricy ($8.95 for 8 wings, $8.50 for cheeseburger with no fries), the food was delicious and very good. Personally, I found the beer expensive ($10.95 for a bottle of Bellevue Kriek, which is triple the normal LCBO cost).

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              Tried Allen's again for dinner last Thursday. They actually ruined a perfectly good Cumbrae pork chop. I'd stick to wings and burgers there! My favourite raspberry Mort Subite was $14 so I passed. Chocolate guiness cake borders on awful, but the sour cream icing is delicious.