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Galeria Korean Supermarket on Yonge n of Steeles

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Went in for the first time and was very impressed by the selection of foods (you can get jars of kimchi bigger than your head), also prepared bulgogi,tempura,fish cakes, etc.to take home, walnut cakes, everything imaginable.The food court has Korean and Japanese kitchens that serve restaurant-quality dishes. The pork bone soup I had rates right up there with any other anywhere, everything I saw coming out looked fabulous!

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  1. I love the rice cake "poof" machine.. just had to buy a pack after watching it spit out rice cakes for ten minutes..

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      Another place to look at the rice cake "poof" machine is at T&T Supermarket. I go to the one at the Promenade Mall (Bathurst and Centre St) and they have someone making them on Saturday and Sunday.

      I go there every weekend to pick up fresh tofu/gluten from a woman who sells it there on the weekends. It's terrific stuff!

    2. I've been driving past there a couple of times and was always wondering what it's like. Thanks; I think I'll check it out.

      1. Yeah, it's fun to watch the rice cake maker - it has a hypnotic effect.

        One of the other fun things about Galleria is the bizarre range of meat cuts they carry. Frozen cow p**nis stunned me.

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          Korean really loves their beef (there are more than 150 ways of preparing a beef soup in Korean cuisine) and when it comes to a cow meat, Koreans don't like to waste anything, and yes, that means almost all of the offals.

        2. Nobody says where to find the Galeria Korean Supermarket ? Could anybody please specify the adress ?

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            Try google. That's how I found: 7171 Yonge St., Thornhill, ON.

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              Basically, north of Steeles on Yonge. It's in a strip mall on the East side of Yonge where the Wendy's is.

            2. It's open late, till 12 midnight. By the way, it's called Galleria Supermarket.

              1. Galleria Supermarket is nice & clean, and open 365 days a year (9 am until midnight) - so you can go anytime.

                (905) 771-1474

                The prices are very reasonable, and you will find all sorts of Korean groceries. The food court in the back has good take-out (Korean, Japanese-style, walnut cakes, snacks) and quite a few seats, if you want to eat there.

                I wish it was closer to my house....

                1. It's a bit like a mini-mall with several small stores in addition to the food court and grocery store.

                  one of the places makes fresh tofu which is quite lovely.

                  FYI - there is a proposal in the works to replace that whole mall with 30+-storey condo towers.
                  Probably won't happen for a few years so, in the meantime, enjoy.

                  1. the bone china collection there is fantastic but quite pricey

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                      Today, Galleria serves the traditional Korean rice cake soup free to seniors and students from 11am to 2pm....check out their website....

                    2. I have no intention of raining on anybody's parade but, I find all of Galleria K.S.'s prepared foods from mildly tolerable to terrible. As for the quality of meals served at their mini food court, there is nothing fancy or memorable to speak of... just affordable and mediocre Korean food served cafeteria style at best. However, don't miss the vendor outside the GKS that sells kickass hotteok (Korean stuffed pancakes), bungeoppang (Korean Taiyaki) and eeomuk dipped in dried anchovy broth... nothing like those three to warm you up during winter!

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                        satoorisme, as you can see, this post is somewhat dated and yes, i have to agree, the quality of the foods offered in the galleria cafeteria is not the highest - as food courts go, i prefer the h-mart cafeteria offerings, but would avoid cafeteria food altogether. haven't tried the prepared banchans at galleria but the tofu stand is pretty good, and the roasted nori/seaweed is fresh enough - all of which i pick up during my dry spells when i don't have the time to cook myself. then again, when u see the culinary offerings at korean restos in toronto, you can see why some might get excited by galleria's offerings....

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                          This post being "somewhat dated" doesn't change the fact that the GKS's prepared items still range from mediocre to downright nasty at best. Trust me, I would know because my mother and I go shop there at least twice a month. As for the tofu stand, the products are passable (I've had better ones in my life... perhaps I can confess that I count myself as lucky and a little spoiled because I get my tofus most of the time from my friend's step-grandpa who has been making them at home for years). They also sell soy milk, which I found it makes a delightful base for kongguksu (Korean noodle dish served in a ice cold soy milk). I'm not sure which seaweed you are referring to... but, I am going to assume that you meant the commercial brands that come in those packages of little boxes and yes, they are fine enough. I appreciate your last point but, if the GKS are going to offer all those prepared banchans and other Korean food at all in the first place, I just wish they would put more efforts in making them right. That's just my two cents.

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                            Galleria's prepared Korean foods are similar to T&T's prepared Chinese foods... Nothing special, at least from what I've had.

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                              I gotta admit, I cave in sometimes and buy their chap chae. Especially after 9pm when it's 50% off.

                              It's nothing great, but at that price, it's a steal. The onions tend to always be undercooked though.

                              I ate at the food court once, had samgyetang. Entirely forgettable....

                              1. re: aser

                                I'm a korean that doesn't like fresh chap chae!
                                actually prefer it a day old in the fridge, then yank it out and reheat it in a pan till it's JUST browned a bit. That with a side of fresh rice is awesome.

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                                  I actually quite like the foodcourt at Galleria. I go there for the pork bone soup all the time - I like the fact that it is extra spicy. Great in winter.

                            2. re: satoorisme

                              satoorisme, i agree wholeheartedly about the nastiness of gks's offerings, and the offerings in general at korean food-businesses in toronto - i have bemoaned this fact on other threads (i wont go there again) so don't get me wrong. what i meant by 'dated' was that when galleria first opened, i thought the quality of the cafeteria food was a bit better than it is now, even though they offer more variety now than at the beginning. i guess that is not unusual with many places...as for the roasted seaweed, i was not referring to the commercial brands - the last time i was there, there was a lady who roasted/seasoned the seaweed, packaged and sold them, in cut sheets as well as crumbled with sesame seeds in cellophane bags that had a blue/turquoise label iirc. you are very lucky to have a tofu-maker in your network - my mom makes it at home as well and there are many different types of tofu of which the offering at galleria is but one and which will do in times of need. altho admittedly, most times i prefer the silky tofu (the chinese supermarket at vic park/401 often carries a super silky tofu in large tin cans which is awesome btw)