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Apr 28, 2006 05:33 PM

Galeria Korean Supermarket on Yonge n of Steeles

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Went in for the first time and was very impressed by the selection of foods (you can get jars of kimchi bigger than your head), also prepared bulgogi,tempura,fish cakes, take home, walnut cakes, everything imaginable.The food court has Korean and Japanese kitchens that serve restaurant-quality dishes. The pork bone soup I had rates right up there with any other anywhere, everything I saw coming out looked fabulous!

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  1. I love the rice cake "poof" machine.. just had to buy a pack after watching it spit out rice cakes for ten minutes..

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    1. re: Ondago

      Another place to look at the rice cake "poof" machine is at T&T Supermarket. I go to the one at the Promenade Mall (Bathurst and Centre St) and they have someone making them on Saturday and Sunday.

      I go there every weekend to pick up fresh tofu/gluten from a woman who sells it there on the weekends. It's terrific stuff!

    2. I've been driving past there a couple of times and was always wondering what it's like. Thanks; I think I'll check it out.

      1. Yeah, it's fun to watch the rice cake maker - it has a hypnotic effect.

        One of the other fun things about Galleria is the bizarre range of meat cuts they carry. Frozen cow p**nis stunned me.

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        1. re: jamie

          Korean really loves their beef (there are more than 150 ways of preparing a beef soup in Korean cuisine) and when it comes to a cow meat, Koreans don't like to waste anything, and yes, that means almost all of the offals.

        2. Nobody says where to find the Galeria Korean Supermarket ? Could anybody please specify the adress ?

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          1. re: Mr Kim

            Try google. That's how I found: 7171 Yonge St., Thornhill, ON.

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              Basically, north of Steeles on Yonge. It's in a strip mall on the East side of Yonge where the Wendy's is.

            2. It's open late, till 12 midnight. By the way, it's called Galleria Supermarket.