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Apr 28, 2006 02:16 PM

Affordable Eats in the Financial District

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This summer I have a job in the Financial District, and am looking for any recs for a good lunch that won't break the bank... if its possible. I'm working very very close to Bymark, but obviously not looking for places to lunch like it. I am willing to travel about a 15min walking distance. Last summer I worked at Yonge-Bloor and was spoiled with all the different ethnic foods at great value.

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  1. I work in BCE and try to find the healthiest lunches for the cheapest price, here are some of my staples

    HSBC building food court (wellington + university) - Ruffage..sandwich and soup/salad for 5$..probably the best bargain around IMO

    BCE place food court - Marche Lino (downstairs)...curry chicken..not maybe the most authentic, but definately tastey, and a huge portion for only 5$!

    My coworker lives off Union Station pizza, I think its like 2 slices for 2$...and apparently its really good

    Soup Nutsy in TD Bank...yummy soups with bread and fruit for $6.80..if you bring your bag back you get 25cents off


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      Japanese Teriyaki in most food courts downtown are around the $5. (My fave is Edo Japan in BCE)

      Faruma, as aready mentioned have buns stuffed with all sorts of goodies for $1-$2 each.

      Union Station has Jamaican Patties for under $2.

      Santorini Cafe (FCP), by Epicurian has a decent shredded chicken pita (under $6, I think) Their schnitzel with rice, potato, and salad is good too( under $8, I think).

      If you wait until after 3pm (I think), Bento Nouveau sells their sandwiches for 2 for 1...I don't trust their sushi.

    2. i've trekked to st lawrence market on occasion ..

      street dogs are good -- i miss streetdogs so much, now that i'm no longer working in the core ..

      there's the soup nutsy under TD Center (right under E&Y Tower) ..

      there's Furama chinese bakery at FCP (cheap simple eats, not great, but better than mcd's for less than a dollar) ..

      there's new wok new wok in the FCP 2nd floor -- while not great, their noodle soups do me good when i have a craving for fish ball ho-fun noodle soups ..

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        Soup Nutsy has some decent stuff sometimes (I normally wouldn't be so hard on 'em, but I had a raging craving for some chowder last week and the batch was just awful) but at $10 a soup I wouldn't call them cheap.

        Mercatto's in the TD Centre concourse beside the Post Office has bargain soups - $2.50 to $3.00 includes crackers - and a nice selection of hot and cold foods all priced by weight. Dirt cheap self serve coffee as well.

        Hotdogs are standard low cost downtown fare - the woman in front of the Commerce Court/CIBC building on Bay/King has tasty dogs and sausages cooked to order and will give you a mint for after the meal.

        Fionn MacCool's on the Esplanade has a free oyster bar on Fridays starting at 5:00 with the purchase of a Guinness if you're looking for a cheap way to celebrate the end of another week on Bay Street.. ;)

      2. I work a bit further north near Exchange Tower. I go to a great chicken place in the "Richmond Adelaide" food court. It's the one under the Keg on York St and has a Starbucks near the food court.

        The place is called Le Poule and it's near the Subway subs. Really nice grilled chicken cheap and I often get a chicken greek salad or lately they have spinach salad with fresh fruit and a yummy dressing with chicken on top. SO good, huge portions around the $5 mark.

        1. Spices on Temperance at Yonge for good Indian food under $10, $6 meatloaf special on Friday at Petite Marche (Uni and Wellington) and Burrito Boyz of course at Adelaide and Simcoe.

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            Can someone tell me where Burrito Boyz is? I thought it was on Peter Street. Many thanks,

            1. re: Susan

              218 Adelaide West, at Simcoe, 647-439-4065
              120 Peter, at Richmond, 416-593-9191

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              I've eaten at Spices twice for lunch --- first time ordered butter chicken that was completely flavourless, as well miniscule portions and payed around 12 bucks --- I thought i'd give the guy another chance and went back 1 more time and got the lamb vindaloo, same experience, joke portions and will not go back. I eat indian alot and can definately say you should give this spot a miss.

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                that petite marche on university (east side) is a pretty good find. For $5 the gal STACKS you a selection of healthy food (brown rice, mix veg's, bean salad, chicken, perog's, dandilions, etc) I've been eating there for lunch regularly for about 2wks now and am pretty impressed that i can get healthy food for so cheap in such large volume. The meatloaf by the way is Tues or Wed and it's pot roast on Friday.

              2. I like Mercatto on Bay for a sit down cheap cheerful Italian lunch. It not fabulous but it fresh, fun and cheap. Pizza, pasta and sandwiches.

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                  One of the best deals that I found at Mercatto (assuming they still have it and it is not sold out) is their eggplant parma which usually provides a good sized portion for under $6. Ask for extra sauce though. I found that the sandwiches are quite good but they are usually around $8 per... I always got takeout from the Victoria Street location so I can't recall how it worked at the Bay Street one.

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                    Second Mercatto on Bay, sit-in is moderately priced but for cheaper, the best deal is the takeout counter, with hot & cold selections. It's pay-by-weight, and you can get food court price with superior quality.