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Apr 27, 2006 12:48 PM

Dipamo's closed, tried Ferraro instead

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Last Saturday night, my wife and I were craving BBQ so we made our way down Eglington to try Dipamo's. As discussed on the board already, they have been closed by their landlord for non-payment of rent.

We were very disappointed as we walked back down the street. My wife stopped and looked into a very busy Italian restaurant named Ferraro. As we continued on our way, the host actually ran onto the street to tell us that they had a table for 2 for us. I thought that this was promising, someone who cares enough about their business to do such a thing. We were impressed with the rest of our experience too.

We were immediately seated and brought foccacia bread with oil and balsamic. Shared a $12 antipasto plate that was huge and full of fresh nibbles such as bocconcini cheese, proscuitto, caramelized onions, Sicilian olives, roasted peppers and so on. My wife ordered a $12 pasta special of papardelle with roasted portabellas, cream and 3 cheeses. I had a $17 veal parmigiana that was so large it just fit on a 12" platter, my excellent side of spaghetti marinara had to be served in a separate bowl. Both meals were delicious and very generous portions.

I highly recommend this traditional, neighborhood joint.

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  1. Must disagree. Ferarro is VERY bad. Not recommended at all.

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    1. re: Fwagra

      I agree with Fwagra. Unfortunately, Ferraro's is probably one of the worst tasting italian food I've ever eaten. Seven numbers is by far better choice. The service is great and the food is authentic mama's home cooking.

    2. I also went to Dipamo's, also seeing it was closed and went to Ferraro instead (host didn't run out though) and I am afraid that I have to agree with Fwagra. It was my first time there, even though I knew it has been there for ages. I was thoroughly disappointed almost to the point of being disgusted that I was going to have to pay for the food. I could have had better ravioli from a can of Chef Boy-ar-dee and I HATE that stuff, so you can imagine how bad the food was at Ferraro.

      Every time I have passed by there, it is always busy, but I can never figure out why, it certainly can't be the food.

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      1. re: Lazar

        The attraction of Ferraro's is the family friendly ambiance and the remarkable speed that the pre-cooked food arrives in. There are two decent dishes on the menu and both are mad by Grandma Ferraro. Infreqently there is a veal lasagna as a special that is really good and the homemade gnocchi is also quite good. I will eat nothing else there.

        1. re: rob

          i'd agree. the service (i think by the owner) was quite friendly. food wasn't particularly interesting, but it wasn't awful, either. and they've got a big stroller-friendly back area, which is why my wife and i wound up their with our 8-week-old. and hey, dipamo's was outta business and yitz's was closed...

          1. re: tuqueboy

            I would definately not agree with Lazar. Pretty dramatic reaction from a place praised for their consistancy? The sauce made by the family is nice and authentic. It's nowhere near the best in Toronto in terms of pizza or pasta, but it is a nice neighborhood hang out for wood burning thin crusted pies. Theyr'e chicken pasta dish is what they are known for and the recepie has been in magazines. Theyr'e bread is home made white chewy and soaks up the nice olive oil and balsamic. Theyre veal parm is good too. Some people get really addicted to their pizza. It's good but not the ultimate. If your in the area, it's definately worth going. I wouldn't travel too far for it.

            1. re: food face

              I'll have to agree with Lazar and the others. The food is mediocre, but the place is always crowded. The only thing I like on the menu is the bruschetta bosco -- a white pizza topped with mozzarella, dressed salad greens and goat cheese.

              Autogrill, directly across the street, is a much better choice, and Sette Mezzo down the street, just west of Bathurst is great, too. For pizza, Pazzo on that stretch of Eglinton is terrific.

              And, for a higher end Italian meal, Il Mulino is one of the best in the city.

              1. re: FlavoursGal

                FlavoursGal has it exactly right about each of these restaurants. While there are a few more good choices at Ferraros' it's basically a cheap & cheerful family restaurant. And there's nothing wrong with that so long as you expect it.

                1. re: Jean Georges

                  I like Ferraro very much. I agree with food face. But Autogrill is also a nice spot.

                  Dipamo's has been closed for over a year now.

      2. My problem with Ferraro has never been with the food, which is ok but not memorable. It is with the too-speedy service. I can understand if there are small children at the table but when a table of adults arrives and orders full meals, including alcohol, they should not be rushed out the door. I don't want my entree to arrive within seconds of my appetizer plate being removed. Spending $100 per couple and being back on the sidewalk within the hour is not how I wish to spend my evenings.

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        1. re: downtown

          I agree, their service has never been that great. And as I get older I have less patience for it. I really like their food but their iffy service has me going less these days I must say.

        2. WAIT! Wasn't there another Dipamos on...College Street, just past on the western end of the Italian section? Didn't the location on Eglington (family member) open up but fought bitterly with the original location???

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          1. re: Foodie Boy

            ...yup, post battle the college st loc is called Phil's, search these boards, there's lots of chatter about it, overall not terribly positive, but to each his/her own...check it out for yourself...

            1. re: Recyclor

              Phil's - that's it, thanks! It was pretty good for what it is....smoked baked beans, ummmmmmm....

          2. I have to defend Ferraro for their pizza. I go there for lunch quite often, and have always loved the 'za, and think it's reasonably priced. I'll agree with the other reviewers that the pasta was terrible, though. I've never had a problem with the service, even when the place is very busy. Not exactly a date restaurant, more of a family spot.

            As for the Dipamos/Phils thing, they were in business together at one point, but the guy at the Eglinton location screwed Phil out of his trademark, hence the name change at the College St. spot. Phil is still going strong, and serving up the best BBQ in the city. Dipamos is no more. Proof that karma works.